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Flag of the Czech Republic.svg his user comes from the Czech Republic.
2006-04-02 Budweis 013.JPG This user comes from en:České Budějovice.
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Flag of Tibet.svg This user supports free en:Tibet.
Free Tibet!!!
Hakenkreuz im Verbotsschild.svg This user does not like en:nacism, en:communism and other totalitarian en:ideologies.
No smoking symbol.svg This user does not smoke
and finds smoking distasteful.
Dráchov - kostel.jpg This user is a keen tourist and loves wandering around the Czech Republic as well as abroad. She has a quirk of taking photos of churches.

Everything you give will come back doubled.
Be fair.

Live and let live.


To contact me, please feel free to use any of the following:

  • E-mail: chevert At sign.svg centrum Period.svg cz
  • Jabber: cheva At sign.svg jabbim Period.svg cz
  • ICQ: 143707317

Cheva online

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  • Articles - my wiki contributions
  • Gallery - my photos at Wikimedia Commons
  • This user feels to be a picture-uploader, spell-checker and article-writer.
  • I am a proud participant of the Czech WikiProject Photography.

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