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User from the German Wikipedia with rising doubts about the "principles" and value of WP; mostly active in categorization of uncategorized files. Uploader of some files with culture and buildings from the southern parts of Germany. In exile from Berlin for 10 years.

Best Backlogs:

Media needing categories, over 100,000 files

Wanted categories: several thousands of wanted cats, mostly from uploads: [1]

should be wathed:


useful templates:

{{npd}} and {{nsd}}

memo - about Gleb Kalashnikoff:

all articles in "Art.wikia": - 37 articles!

memo: The Category Category:Protests in Germany is missing, only "Demonstrations in ... " is slightly equivalent

todo: Margherita Wallmann etc etc. - UBA etc fördermittel

Mehdi international foundation needs a category, several images about protests in London

memo: metropolitan school berlin als cat anlegen

Notes for a college: File:Gpmce new.jpg