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Wiki Meetings[edit]

October 2007[edit]

May 2008[edit]

September 2008[edit]

December 2008[edit]

August 2009[edit]

October 2009[edit]

January 2010[edit]

October 2010: Jerusalem[edit]

January 2011 - Wikipedia 10th Anniversary[edit]

June 2011: Tel Aviv[edit]

June 2012: Tel Aviv[edit]

August 2012: Tel Aviv[edit]

January 2013: Tel Aviv[edit]

January 2013: Tel Aviv[edit]

Preparing for January 2014 Meetup[edit]

January 2014 Meetup[edit]

July 2013: Tel Aviv - 10th Birthday of Hebrew Wikipedia[edit]

July 2014: Tel Aviv - 11th Birthday of Hebrew Wikipedia[edit]



GLAM National Library of Israel Tour[edit]

GLAM National Library of Israel editing marathon[edit]

GLAM National Library of Israel editing marathon II[edit]

GLAM National Library of Israel editing marathon III[edit]

GLAM National Library of Israel editing marathon IIII[edit]

GLAM National Library of Israel editing marathon - Senior Citizens[edit]

Haifa University Editing Marathon[edit]

Wiki Loves Monuments Events 2012[edit]

Galitz Photography Class[edit]

Israel's Photography Conference[edit]

Tour of Mikveh Israel[edit]

Tour of Herzelilinblum[edit]

Tour of Merhavia[edit]

Tour of Kinneret Farm[edit]

Tour of Nitzanim[edit]

Tour of the Israel Museum[edit]

Awards Ceremony 2012[edit]

Preparing for the Awards Ceremony 2012[edit]
Tour of Old Jaffa[edit]

WLM Exhibition 2012[edit]

Wiki Loves Monuments Events 2013[edit]

Awards Ceremony 2013[edit]

Preparing for the Awards Ceremony 2013[edit]

WLM Exhibition 2013[edit]

Wiki Loves Monuments Events 2014[edit]

Tour of Tel Yokneam[edit]

Tour of Hurvat Burgin[edit]

Tour of Atlit Former Detainee Camp[edit]

Tour of Metzudat Koach[edit]

Awards Ceremony 2014[edit]

Wikimedia Israel Seminar 2012[edit]

Photography Workshop at Wikimedia Israel Seminar 2012[edit]

5th Wikipedia Academy[edit]

Wikichix Dinner with Bishakha Datta[edit]

Wikipedian Meetup with Bishakha Datta[edit]

6th Wikipedia Academy[edit]

Wikipedian Meetup with Jan-Bart de Vreede[edit]

Elef Milim[edit]

Elef Milim - Yemin Moshe[edit]

Elef Milim - Kidron Valley[edit]

Elef Milim - Katamon[edit]

Elef Milim - Nahlaot[edit]

Elef Milim - Talbiyeh[edit]

Elef Milim - Knesset[edit]

Elef Milim - The Jewish Quarter[edit]

Elef Milim - The Holy Sepulchre[edit]

Elef Milim - Ein Karem[edit]

Elef Milim - Mount Herzl[edit]

Elef Milim - Armon Hanatziv[edit]

Elef Milim - The Weizmann Institute[edit]

Elef Milim - Beit Govrin[edit]

Elef Milim - Mamshit and Makhtesh Hatira[edit]

Elef Milim - Carmelheim[edit]

Elef Milim - Mount Scopus[edit]

Elef Milim - Israeli National Maritime Museum[edit]

Elef Milim - The Christian Quarter[edit]

Elef Milim - Acco[edit]

Elef Milim - Herodion[edit]

Elef Milim - Muslim Quarter[edit]

Elef Milim - Ramat Rachel[edit]

Elef Milim - Bnei Brak[edit]

Elef Milim - Ammunition Hill and Musrara[edit]

Elef Milim - Sataf[edit]

Elef Milim - Downtown Haifa[edit]

Elef Milim - Kafr Qara[edit]

Elef Milim - Rothschild Boulevard[edit]

Elef Milim - Bak'a[edit]

Elef Milim - Givat Ram[edit]

The Israel Museum[edit]

Elef Milim - Dizengof Center[edit]

Elef Milim - Pardes Minkov[edit]

Elef Milim - Hussamssa[edit]

Elef Milim - Afula Ilit[edit]

Elef Milim - Petach Tikva[edit]

Elef Milim - City of David[edit]

Elef Milim - Northern Golan[edit]

Elef Milim - Sarona[edit]

Wikimania Team[edit]

GLAMcamp Amsterdam December 2011[edit]

Food at GLAMcamp Amsterdam[edit]