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My name is Dick and I have been a registered user of Wikipedia since October, 2006. The 107 in my user name (and e-mail address) is taken from my apartment number and also the street address of the house where I grew up.

I was born in Wisconsin on March 10th. By coincidence, Chuck Norris, the TV actor, and I were born on the same month, day and year. I grew up in southern Wisconsin and currently live in Lakewood, CO, a suburb of Denver. Now retired, my career, after four years in the U.S. Air Force (doing targeting & alignment work with the Minuteman missile), involved computer programing (mainly COBOL on DEC and IBM mainframes). Fifteen of those years were spent, as a programmer/analyst, at the Coors Brewing Company.

Since my retirement in 2002, I enjoy spending my spare time on computers (desktop and Palm (PDA))and the internet, bicycling, photography, reading, listening to both smooth jazz and classical music, movies, travel (when I can afford it) and my two grandchildren.

My website is

I can be reached at my e-mail address..