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This page is massivly outdated, if you want to see the most recent images I've made see my Dutch userpage. All images made by me are shown there.
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Some info about me here on Commons: I live in Hoorn, North Holland, the Netherlands. A city of close to 200,000 residents. At the moment I'm working to have all the monumental buildings photographed for the list. When I'm in a nother city I'll try to get some other buildings too. But being most of my time in my own city... I'll stick to those buildings first.

You can find me on the Dutch wikipedia and sometimes the English. Name is, ofcourse, the same.

I've uploaded the following pictures, all are made by myself:

Photos Hoorn[edit]



Photos from Amsterdam[edit]



Photos from Alkmaar[edit]

Photo's from Enkhuizen[edit]

Photo's from Medemblik[edit]



Photo's from the municipality of Zeevang[edit]

Photos from Heiloo[edit]

Photos from Castricum[edit]

Photo's from Edam-Volendam[edit]

Photo's from Schagen[edit]

Photos from other places[edit]

Vehicles that do move from place[edit]

Photo's given to me[edit]

These buildings are designed by Jacob van den Ban, two photo's are made by him. The one of De Enk was made by his granddaughter, she has given me permission to upload her photos. The photos of Van den Ban himself was made by a photographer not known to me, the heir of Van den Ban has e-mailed me the copy and gave me perimission to upload the files.


These photo's don't fit into any of the given categories: