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Gallery: Video Game Hardware
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This is the reason that I started really getting into Wikipedia. As a child I played video games and still do to this day. From time to time I would visit Wikipedia and check the articles about this or that and I would always notice the terrible pictures in the articles. "I can do better than that!" I thought to myself even though I had absolutely no experience with product photography. Even so, I started taking pictures and began to upload them to articles, where the clean and simple pictures really made a difference to the feel of the article.

I got hooked on improving the pages and when I exhausted my personal collection of video games, I was filled with the desire to improve all of the video game hardware pages. This proved difficult at first, because where the hell do you even get rare or obscure hardware? I began to reach out on Craigslist for anyone willing to help out and let me borrow their systems for pictures. Someone suggested that I should contact some of the local NYC stores and see if they'd help out, which I did. I can't remember exactly, but I think I sent out a handful of emails that included 8-Bit & Up, a store in the East Village with a cool owner who was interested in helping out. Once this happened, I realized that taking a chance and reaching out to people was worth it, and I kept making efforts. Most fell through, but when they do work, it's been an amazing help. Fat Cat Gaming and the NYU Game Center were also big helps, but so far the biggest contributors have to be Video Games New York and James Baker of Funtank. Video Games New York is an independent store that has an amazing selection of games and systems, and James is an enthusiastic collector of video game hardware. Together they have been an enormous help creating this gallery.

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