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Please, look at my Flamarande userpage in the english Wikipedia.

In the interrest of acountability, here are UserIconContributions.png my contributions.

All folllowing statements are my personal opinions. Some might say the ravings of a madman. You have been warned!

This is the new Inferno of Dante in which control-freaks are doomed to organize images ad nauseam. And I am one of them!

I am going nuts! Everywhere I look everything is completly disorganized. Images are not being catagorized and many of those who are, are being wrongly catagorized. There exists an enourmous overabundance of categories. Many of these are not being linked to each other as it should be. Many categories are completly useless and reduntant and in fact compete with each other. This cannot be, this will not be. I will continue my work as I have done in Category:Romans and Category:Byzantine Empire. I apolagize in advance, for any mistakes I am going to make. But this is complete and utter Caos!

Ppl, simplify these stupid categories! Remember always that we need to keep it as simple as possible. Give good and simple names to them, don´t complicate things with stupid useless tecnicalities. More than 4 layers of Subcategories is way too much and simply shows that the whole matter is being handled unefficiently.