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Fma12 (account created March 9, 2006), nickname for Fernando Martello.

I'm an Argentine user and a strong fan of sports and arts. I started making my contributions through my own-created football kit templates for Argentine teams (using Photoshop as software). Primarily, only football templates were made, by then I expanded the range of contributions to other sports like basketball, rugby union and field hockey.

I was also interested in copyright, showing a deep respect for original authorships, many times ignored for some users that try to claim the copyright of a work they did not created but only vectorized. I understand that they CAN'T be credited as the original creators of such works.

The nick "Fma12" is a combination of my name's first characters and the number "12", which is used by Boca Juniors' fans to define themselves as strong supporters of that glorious football team.

See my user page at the English Wikipedia: Fma12

My contributions I've been rendering some North American major leagues uniforms to be used on Wikipedia. They include american football, baseball, college and lacrosse leagues. All graphics were created with Corel Draw to illustrate Wikipedia articles related.

Other vector graphics include trophies just like the Copa Argentinas.

My contributions[edit]

Vector graphics[edit]

(All of them rendered by me):


Football trophies[edit]

Traffic signs[edit]

American football jerseys[edit]

Football/Rugby kits[edit]

Other sports uniforms[edit]


Those are just some of the many photos I've uploaded to Commons.

Own photos[edit]

Sports teams & players[edit]


A barnstar for you![edit]

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ALL (National/Prov/Armed forces/Gov agencies) together[edit]

Public domain This image is in the public domain in Argentina as a National, Provincial or Municipal symbol regulated by a Decree, Law or Ordinance promulgated by their respective Legislatures.

Official State emblems and signs (such as coats of arms, flags and other State symbols) are not included as subject to copyright according to Law 11.723. This also includes Government agencies and security forces official symbols or emblems.

The National symbols of Argentina are regulated by Decree Nº 10.302/1944.

As an image regulated by an edict of a government, it is also in the public domain in the United States.

Coat of arms of Argentina.svg

PD for Universities/Schools[edit]

Public domain This file is in the public domain, because it is a official logo of a National School or University of Argentina. Official State emblems and signs (such as coats of arms, flags and other State symbols) are not included as subject to copyright according to Argentine Law 11.723.''

In case this is not legally possible:
The right to use this work is granted to anyone for any purpose, without any conditions, unless such conditions are required by law.

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