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2013년 바덴바덴에서 열린 SWR3 뉴 팝 페스티벌에서의 버디.  

+/− (ko), +/− (en)

오늘의 미디어
3D animation of the way of "venenciar", which is the traditional way of pouring wine in Jerez. Venenciar aroses because it was the only way to reach the center of the boot.

It consists in grabing the "venencia", which has three parts: the cup, the rod and hook, with the thumb and index finger close to the hook. Then the venencia is vertically inserted into the boot and once the cup is filled, the venencia is also taken in a vertically way. Once outside the venencia gets horizontally to the ground and increases the distance between it and the wineskin. At the end an abrupt blow is given to complete the movement.   +/− (ko), +/− (en)

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