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This service is provided by the “HermesBot” bot (robot, an automated Wiki program), which is operated by user “Wikihermit”. The Signpost deliveries will appear as messages from “HermesBot”.

This only delivers to the english wikibooks, even if you subscribe a non-English user talk page.

Do NOT sign your posts on this page. Simply link to your user talk page.

Talk page delivery[edit]

NOTE: This will only work for user talk pages (that is, the page name must begin with “User talk:”).

To get the Signpost on your user talk page, just add a link to your talk page. For example, “[[User talk:Example]]” (where “Example” is the account name).

The MediaWiki features which alert you to new messages will be triggered by delivery.

If you prefer, you can have the signpost delivered to a subpage, by using something like “[[User talk:Example/Signpost]]”. However, the “New messages” feature will not be triggered by delivery to subpages.

To sign up for delievery to the english wikipedia, please visit their spam list.

You can sign up for a link to the signpost on en.wikipedia, or you can sign up for the full signpost.

Email delivery[edit]

To get the Signpost via email, enter your email address here, then click the "confirmation" link in your email.


Subscribe to the link notification[edit]