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Hello. My name is Syed Muzammiluddin. In the real world, I prefer to be referred as "Muzammil", although more often than not people mistake my surname "Syed" to be my name. In the Wiki World, I have often been referred by my username, Hindustanilanguage, Hindustani, or simply HL.

Brief overview of my online contributor association with Wikipedia and other Wikimedia Foundation Projects[edit]

I was one of the speakers of the Wiki Conference India held in Mumbai in November 2011. See this picture of Wikimedia Commons.

A few of the articles created or edited by me on English Wikipedia are as follows:

My other contributions to the Wikipedia include a number of articles on HIV and AIDS on the Wikipedia. The entire list of files showcasing various State AIDS Control Societies in India in Hindi created by me on Hindi Wikipedia can be seen in the list of files at the following link:

I started the Hindi Wikipedia Editathon "Lilavati's Daughters" or "Indian Women Scientists" which later transformed into "Women Achievers of India" editathon. The project also had an impact on Punjabi Wikipedia.

As a result of my proactive approach on Hindi Wikipedia, I was granted autopatrolled and reviewer privileges.

Apart from this, I have created or edited hundreds of other articles on the English, Hindi and Urdu Wikipedia, including many translations.

My article showcasing the life of Indian freedom fighter Ram Prasad Bismil on the Urdu Wikipedia is one of the lengthiest as well as most referenced article. It has been nominated in the featured articles category.

I contributed maximum number of uploads of “celebrity autographs” on Wikimedia Commons Project as mentioned in this E-Zine of Wikimedia “Meta” Project:

I hold autopatrolled, filemover and rollbacker privileges on Wikimedia Commons
Additionally, I also hold editor privileges on Arabic Wikipedia, autoreview privileges on German Wikipedia, autopatrolled privileges on Meta and Polish Wikipedia. Russian admins have been kind to confer uploader status on me.

Translate Wiki[edit]

I have actively contributed to Translate Wiki in implementing the Echo Messages on the Hindi Wikipedia with the same username.

My stint at Centre for Internet and Society, Bangalore[edit]

Help Desk of the Christ University

I was a Programme Officer - Access to Knowledge Programme, Centre for Internet Society, Bangalore during 2013-14.

I was part of the team which planned and executed the Christ University project for Undergraduate classrooms starting from strategizing the plans to executing the program in recruiting new editors, active outreach by incorporating the plan in the pedagogy mainly for two languages: Hindi and Urdu. A key component here was the Hindi Wikipedia video tutorial production.

During this exercise, I also extended support for Kannada, Tamil and Sanskrit Wikipedians. The Christ University project involved on-wiki community level discussions for feedback and support to new editors.

I had taken part in various other outreach for Urdu including building initial level of partnership with Maulana Azad National Urdu University (MANUU).

A stand-a-lone project for Maulana Azad National Urdu University has been drafted under Centre for Internet and Society, Bangalore's work plan 2014-15 in which I had played a key role.

I was also proactively involved in drafting the current year Hindi language plan.

Blogging / writing about Wikipedia on Wikimedia blog and other Websites[edit]

Future Plans under my involvement for Wikimedia Movement[edit]

Contributions to non-Wikimedia websites with various thematic contents[edit]

Websites where my work has been cited[edit]

Book reviews[edit]

  • Marketing Research written by G C Beri, McGraw-Hill Education: The unique aspect of this book is that it combines some of core aspects of Marketing Research such as Techniques of Data Collection, Analysis, Interpretation and Report Writing with their immediate application in Marketing such as Advertising Research, Export Marketing Research and Rural Marketing Research.
  • Aap ki Taareef written by Padmashri Mujtaba Hussain: The reviewed book carries intermittent tones of seriousness, humour and intriguing details of some of the luminaries of the literary world.

Details of International Publications[edit]

S.No. Details of Papers Presented at Conferences Year
1. Chapter 8: Advertising on Mobile Phones in India: Spread and Areas of Control,

Pages 108-114

Business Analytics, Compendium of papers presented at the 2nd International Business Analytics Conference, Great Lakes Institute, Chennai.

Edited by Dr Tapan K Panda Excel Books ISBN 978-93-5062-277-3



(Book publication)



Transborder Cooperation in the Power Generation among South Asian Countries: Opportunities and Threats, Page 1781

Gökçekuş, H., (Editor) Proceedings of the International Conference on Environment: Survival and Sustainability (2007), Nicosia (Lefkoşa), Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus: Educational Foundation of Near East University. 10 volumes, LXXVI, 5498, XIV pages. ISBN 978-975-8359-62-2 Volume 10




Radio Broadcasts[edit]

Picture of an All India Radio Broadcasting Centre in India
  • Interview with a Gold Medalist (my interview in connection with the gold medal that was conferred on me during the 24th Convocation of IGNOU)
  • Ambush Marketing
  • Banking Sector Reforms in India
  • Population Explosion
  • Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru
  • Education and Employment
  • Youth Empowerment
  • Power Sector Reforms in India
  • Consumer Rights in India
  • Parliamentary Democracy
  • Giani Zail Singh
  • Hindi in the Twenty-first Century
  • Online Resources and Academic Needs of Postgraduate Students
  • Mother's lap: A Child's First School
  • Secularism and Interfaith Dialogue

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