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My real name is Asaf Bartov. I (no longer really) maintain a Web journal (blog) at

I work for the Wikimedia Foundation, focusing on growing the Wikimedia movement in the developing world. I also run the Wikimedia Grants program.

I am interested in Classics and in Hebrew language and literature, and contribute to Wikipedia mainly in these areas. I'm mostly active in the Hebrew Wikipedia, and on Meta, also as Ijon.

I am involved with Project Ben-Yehuda, a free repository of public domain Hebrew texts --

I studied and later taught Ancient Greek at Tel Aviv University.

I am a member of the Israeli Wikimedia chapter.

TUSC token: 152a2e20cf7a93707953ecc6bb96cc26[edit]

TUSC token: 152a2e20cf7a93707953ecc6bb96cc26