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Hello to all! You have found my userpage on Commons.

I live in Western Germany and I am a math pro. I contribute to Commons by creating high-quality animations and vector illustrations, as well as taking part in the process of managing the Featured Pictures library by nominating great pictures and weeding out FPs that do not live up to today's standards.

I have created a table showing the distribution of pictures among Featured Picture categories. I invite anyone to take a look at it; the statistics have the potential to surprise.

If the search box provided by Commons doesn't satisfy your advanced query needs, you might be interested in my guide to using database dumps of Commons.

Using database techniques like the ones described in the aforementioned guide, I have compiled a list of all Featured Pictures with a resolution of less than 2 million pixels (the database queries used are described on that page).

You are also welcome to check out my experimental Featured Pictures World Map.

The three most serious problems of Commons is a short opinion piece I wrote, describing some of our most pressing issues. If you have time, please read it and tell me your thoughts.

My own works[edit]

Vectorized ornamental alphabets (initials) from the book "Ornamental Alphabets, Ancient and Mediæval"[edit]

Stereo animations of the Platonic solids[edit]

My uploads[edit]

Maps from the Lewis and Clark Expedition[edit]

Sample images:

See all maps here.

Ketubot (Jewish marriage contracts)[edit]

Sample images:

See all ketubot (and more) here.

Photographs from the Mexican Revolution[edit]

Sample images:

See all photographs (and more) here.

Manuscript "Seventy-two Specimens of Castes in India"[edit]

Sample images:

See the entire manuscript here.

Sketches of the Amistad prisoners[edit]

Sample images:

See all sketches here.

Visconti tarot[edit]

Sample images:

See all cards of the tarot here.

Voynich manuscript[edit]

Sample images:

See the entire manuscript here.

My nomination activities[edit]

Pictures by others that I nominated for Featured Picture status   (37 nominated, 24 Featured)[edit]

(Former) Featured Pictures that I nominated for delisting   (58 nominated, 33 delisted)[edit]