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...My question is whether you would be at all interested in allowing me to scan certain images (your personal photos or data maps) from your textbook to include in the encyclopaedia entries. This would be fantastic as they are seen by many visitors and your textbook would receive credit as a source at the bottom of the article page, which may drive people to your website. However, no content may be included in Wikipedia that is copyrighted, so those pictures would have to be released to the public domain. Many people have chosen to release the rights on certain images that they have created for the good of people who cannot afford to pay for encyclopaedias and in many cases because they just love improving Wikipedia (it is addictive, I swear). You are clearly passionate about improving people's geographical knowledge around the world and this is one way that that can be achieved. Obviously it would not be a small decision, but it would probably benefit both the encyclopaedia, the public and your book. I at least thought I should ask to find out if you were interested. I hope you like Wikipedia and again congratulations on your textbook. Robert


Dear Robert,

It was a great surprise to hear from you. Congratulations on the work you have done on the geography pages - they look excellent. If your extended essay is of this standard and clarity, I am sure you will fly through it :-)

Yes, of course I know of Wikipedia; I think it is a great concept and I congratulate you on making such worthy additions to it.

I would be delighted for you to use illustrations from Planet Geography 3rd edition in the way you have suggested. My intention in writing Planet Geography was always to try and raise the standard of geographical awareness and understanding on a global scale, and I think your work meshes with that goal admirably. I am really pleased that my book can be used in this way.

Just a couple of weeks ago, as a gesture of support to students and teachers, I posted medium-resolution copies of all the photographs used in the book on my own personal website. Therefore, it should be quite easy for you to access any photos that you need. You can access them through the 'Images Gallery' page at http:// or directly at Copyright is no problem as I took all the photos, but I would appreciate acknowledgment for any image used in the usual way.

Regarding the diagrams and maps, these are slightly more difficult. At present they are stored as quite large pdf files, but I could send you any specific files if you preferred not to have to scan them. Having said that, I can't give a blanket copyright clearance on all the diagrams in the book because some of them are reproduced with permission and subject to restrictions. I suggest that if there are any specific maps or diagrams you wish to use, just check with me first.

Many thanks for your kind comments about 'Planet Geography' - I am thrilled that you are enjoying using the book; that is why I wrote it! By the way, which school in Adelaide are you attending?

Hello again, I just uploaded the first photo so far to the Wikimedia Commons, which is the repository for images for use across all Wikimedia projects. I've given you credit and added a link to your websites at but I thought I would check with you first Hope you like it,

Dear Robert,

Thanks for checking with me. I am very happy with the form of acknowledgment for the image. Thank you for that.