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Tracking American News...

Navy Jayhawk assists in search and rescue.
Hurricane Katrina has left America stunned and in disbelief. A small boy pulled ashore, leaving his grandmother to die alone. Old men floating in the blackened Louisiana night on tiny sticks of wood down a canal to nowhere. Another child wanders the Super Dome as corpses are ignored under tattered blankets. Third World Country are what the video images label the nation: with the Iraqi War abroad and now this battle against Mother Nature's wrath on our shores. Over 40,000 military personnel will be deployed along the Gulf Coast in the coming week. New Orleans Police Chief says of his city: "We have never had an urban warfare battle like this on any front in the history of our nation." Adds Mayor Ray Nagin: "The people of our city are holding on by a thread." Mr. President, will he galvanize an America shaken by the racial and economic divide depicted on the nation's televison screens?


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