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About Me[edit]

Photography History[edit]

Al Mac's Diner-Restaurant

I have longstanding interests in photography, history, and travel. I've been doing photography since about 1984. I was photo editor of my college yearbook, where I photographed notable visitors such as Mario Cuomo and Edmund Muskie. In 1992, I was an unofficial volunteer photographer for the North Carolina Democratic Party in Raleigh, where I was invited to follow along on the Clinton campaign bus tour through the state. This gave me the opportunity to photograph political figures from the state and beyond. More recently my attention has been turned to historic buildings, lighthouses, and cemeteries, as well as visiting guests at a local college.

Wiki Loves Monuments[edit]

I was delighted to find a new outlet for my passions in the 2012 "Wiki Loves Monuments" photo contest. I was pleased to discover that there were a bunch of National Historic Places in my area that had not been photographed. I am gratified that my image of Al Mac's Diner was selected as the third place winner in the 2012 Wiki Loves Monuments U.S. Photo contest. I also participated in the 2013 Wiki Loves Monuments photo contest.


More recently I have been turning my attention to learning how to properly edit Wikipedia pages.

My Stats[edit]

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My Images[edit]


WLM Barnstar finals 2012.svg

My image got nominated for the international finals of Wiki Loves Monuments 2012, the world's largest photo contest!

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You can find me on the web:

Kenneth C. Zirkel
New England, USA