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Africa General[edit]

Code Result
{{Africa}} Africa

Eastern Africa[edit]

Code Result
{{Burundi}} Burundi
{{Comoros}} Comoros
{{Djibouti}} Djibouti
{{Eritrea}} Eritrea
{{Ethiopia}} Ethiopia
{{Kenya}} Kenya
{{Madagascar}} Madagascar
{{Malawi}} Malawi
{{Mauritius}} Mauritius
{{Mozambique}} Mozambique
{{Rwanda}} Rwanda
{{Seychelles}} Seychelles
{{Somalia}} Somalia
{{Tanzania}} Tanzania
{{Uganda}} Uganda
{{Zambia}} Zambia

Middle Africa[edit]

Code Result
{{Angola}} Angola
{{Cameroon}} Cameroon
{{Central African Republic}} Central African Republic
{{Chad}} Chad
{{Congo}} Template:Congo
{{Democratic Republic of the Congo}} Democratic Republic of the Congo
{{Equatorial Guinea}} Equatorial Guinea
{{Gabon}} Gabon
{{São Tomé and Príncipe}} São Tomé and Príncipe

Northern Africa[edit]

Code Result
{{Algeria}} Algeria
{{Egypt}} Egypt
{{Libya}} Libya
{{Morocco}} Morocco
{{Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic}} Template:Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic
{{Sudan}} Sudan
{{Tunisia}} Tunisia

Southern Africa[edit]

Code Result
{{Botswana}} Botswana
{{Lesotho}} Lesotho
{{Namibia}} Namibia
{{South Africa}} South Africa
{{Swaziland}} Swaziland
{{Zimbabwe}} Zimbabwe

Western Africa[edit]

Code Result
{{Benin}} Benin
{{Burkina Faso}} Burkina Faso
{{Cape Verde}} Cape Verde
{{Côte d'Ivoire}} Côte d'Ivoire
{{Gambia}} The Gambia
{{Ghana}} Ghana
{{Guinea}} Guinea
{{Guinea-Bissau}} Guinea-Bissau
{{Liberia}} Liberia
{{Mali}} Mali
{{Mauritania}} Mauritania
{{Niger}} Niger
{{Nigeria}} Nigeria
{{Senegal}} Senegal
{{Sierra Leone}} Sierra Leone
{{Togo}} Togo


America General[edit]

Code Result
{{North America}} North America
{{South America}} South America
{{Latin America}} Template:Latin America

North America[edit]

Code Result
{{Antigua and Barbuda}} Antigua and Barbuda
{{Bahamas}} The Bahamas
{{Barbados}} Barbados
{{Belize}} Belize
{{Canada}} Canada
{{Costa Rica}} Costa Rica
{{Cuba}} Cuba
{{Dominica}} Dominica
{{Dominican Republic}} Dominican Republic
{{El Salvador}} El Salvador
{{Grenada}} Grenada
{{Guatemala}} Guatemala
{{Haiti}} Haiti
{{Honduras}} Honduras
{{Jamaica}} Jamaica
{{Mexico}} Mexico
{{United Mexican States}} Template:United Mexican States
{{Nicaragua}} Nicaragua
{{Panama}} Panama
{{Saint Kitts and Nevis}} Saint Kitts and Nevis
{{Saint Lucia}} Saint Lucia
{{Saint Vincent and the Grenadines}} Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
{{Trinidad and Tobago}} Trinidad and Tobago
{{United States}} United States

South America[edit]

Code Result
{{Argentina}} Argentina
{{Bolivia}} Bolivia
{{Brazil}} Brazil
{{Chile}} Chile
{{Colombia}} Colombia
{{Ecuador}} Ecuador
{{Guyana}} Guyana
{{Paraguay}} Paraguay
{{Peru}} Peru
{{Suriname}} Suriname
{{Uruguay}} Uruguay
{{Venezuela}} Venezuela


Asia General[edit]

Code Result
{{Asia}} Asia

Central Asia[edit]

Code Result
{{Kazakhstan}} Kazakhstan
{{Kyrgyzstan}} Kyrgyzstan
{{Tajikistan}} Tajikistan
{{Turkmenistan}} Turkmenistan
{{Uzbekistan}} Uzbekistan

Eastern Asia[edit]

Code Result
{{China}} China
{{Hong Kong}} Hong Kong
{{Japan}} Japan
{{Korea}} Template:Korea
{{Macau}} Macau
{{Mongolia}} Mongolia
{{Taiwan}} Taiwan

Northern Asia[edit]

Code Result
{{Russia}} Russia

Southeastern Asia[edit]

Code Result
{{Brunei}} Brunei
{{Burma}} Burma
{{Cambodia}} Cambodia
{{East Timor}} East Timor
{{Indonesia}} Indonesia
{{Laos}} Laos
{{Malaysia}} Malaysia
{{Philippines}} Philippines
{{Singapore}} Singapore
{{Thailand}} Thailand
{{Vietnam}} Vietnam

Southern Asia[edit]

Code Result
{{Afghanistan}} Afghanistan
{{Bangladesh}} Bangladesh
{{Bhutan}} Bhutan
{{India}} India
{{Maldives}} Maldives
{{Nepal}} Nepal
{{Pakistan}} Pakistan
{{Sri Lanka}} Sri Lanka

Western Asia[edit]

Code Result
{{Armenia}} Armenia
{{Azerbaijan}} Azerbaijan
{{Bahrain}} Bahrain
{{Cyprus}} Cyprus
{{Georgia}} Template:Georgia
{{Iraq}} Iraq
{{Iran}} Iran
{{Israel}} Israel
{{Jordan}} Jordan
{{Kuwait}} Kuwait
{{Lebanon}} Lebanon
{{Oman}} Oman
{{Palestinian territories}} Template:Palestinian territories
{{Qatar}} Qatar
{{Saudi Arabia}} Saudi Arabia
{{Syria}} Syria
{{Turkey}} Turkey
{{United Arab Emirates}} United Arab Emirates
{{Yemen}} Yemen


Europe General[edit]

Code Result
{{Europe}} Europe
{{Europe 2}} Template:Europe 2

European Union[edit]

Code Result
{{EU citizen}} Template:EU citizen
{{European Union}} European Union
Menber states
{{Austria}} Austria
{{Belgium}} Belgium
{{Cyprus}} Cyprus
{{Bulgaria}} Bulgaria
{{Czech Republic}} Czech Republic
{{Denmark}} Denmark
{{Estonia}} Estonia
{{Finland}} Finland
{{France}} France
{{Germany}} Germany
{{Greece}} Greece
{{Hungary}} Hungary
{{Ireland}} Ireland
{{Italy}} Italy
{{Latvia}} Latvia
{{Lithuania}} Lithuania
{{Luxembourg}} Luxembourg
{{Malta}} Malta
{{Netherlands}} Netherlands
{{Poland}} Poland
{{Portugal}} Portugal
{{Romania}} Romania
{{Slovak Republic}} Template:Slovak Republic
{{Slovenia}} Slovenia
{{Spain}} Spain
{{Sweden}} Sweden
{{United Kingdom}} United Kingdom

Other european countries[edit]

Code Result
{{Albania}} Albania
{{Andorra}} Andorra
{{Armenia}} Armenia
{{Azerbaijan}} Azerbaijan
{{Belarus}} Belarus
{{Bosnia and Herzegovina}} Bosnia and Herzegovina
{{Croatia}} Croatia
{{Georgia}} Template:Georgia
{{Iceland}} Iceland
{{Kazakhstan}} Kazakhstan
{{Liechtenstein}} Liechtenstein
{{Macedonia}} Republic of Macedonia
{{Moldova}} Moldova
{{Monaco}} Monaco
{{Montenegro}} Montenegro
{{Norway}} Norway
{{Russia}} Russia
{{Russian}} Template:Russian
{{San Marino}} San Marino
{{Serbia}} Serbia
{{Switzerland}} Switzerland
{{Turkey}} Turkey
{{Ukraine}} Ukraine
{{Vatican City}} Vatican City


Oceania General[edit]

Code Result
{{Oceania}} Oceania


Code Result
{{Australia}} Australia
{{New Zealand}} New Zealand


Code Result
{{Fiji}} Fiji
{{Indonesia}} Indonesia
{{Papua New Guinea}} Papua New Guinea
{{Solomon Islands}} Solomon Islands
{{Vanuatu}} Vanuatu


Code Result
{{Federated States of Micronesia}} Federated States of Micronesia
{{Guam}} Template:Guam
{{Kiribati}} Kiribati
{{Marshall Islands}} Marshall Islands
{{Nauru}} Nauru
{{Palau}} Palau


Code Result
{{Samoa}} Samoa
{{Tonga}} Tonga
{{Tuvalu}} Tuvalu