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Kopieren und Einfügen - Copy & Paste
{{Unknown}} - this image has an unknown copyright status
{{no license|month=|day=|year=2007}} or simply {{subst:nld}}
{{subst:image source|Image:.jpg}} ~~~~
{{copyvio}} - for obvious copyright violations
{{fair use|}} 
{{bad name}} - for files you uploaded with incorrect names, and are
preferably unused (check usage). If they are used, use {{duplicate}}
{{duplicate}} - for files that are exactly the same as other files
 }} ~~~~ 
{{speedydelete| ~~~~}}
Vorlagen für die Vorlage
Information — Templates for Template:Information
{{Translation table|width=100%
  |de= '''Samara''' ist eine Stadt in [[Russland]], Administrationszentrum der [[Oblast Samara]]
  |en= '''Samara''' is a city in [[Russia]], administrative center of [[Samara Oblast]]
  |es= '''Samara''' es una ciudad en [[Rusia]], el centro administrativo de [[Samara Oblast]]
  |pt= '''Samara''' é uma cidade da [[Rússia]], centro administrativo do [[Samara Oblast]]
  |ru= '''Самара''' — город в [[Россия|России]], административный центр [[Самарская область|Самарской области]]
 |Description = {{de|Dieses Bild zeigt ... [[:de:|]].}}
 |Source=own work
 |other_versions =


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