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Droysens Allgemeiner Historischer Handatlas[edit]

This page shows some maps which I have uploaded to Commons, from Droysens Allgemeiner Historischer Handatlas.

On my own web site I have more maps from Droysens, and from some other atlases. If you want me to put one of these maps on Commons because you intend to use it, please let me know, perhaps by a message on my talk page. But I have found uploading these maps is a time-consuming hassle, and I will no longer make speculative uploads in the hope that the material may be found useful.

Plate no. Section Title Thumbnail
19 Europe at the time of migrations Droysens-plate19.jpg
19a At the peak of the migrations Europe in the Migration Period in the 4th and 5th centuries.jpg
19b Nation formation Europe at the fall of the Western Roman Empire in 476.jpg
19c Europe at the death of Theodorich, 526 Europe at the death of Theoderic the Great in 526.jpg
19d Europe at the death of Justinian I, 565 Europe at the death of Justinian I in 565.jpg
20 France under the Merovingians Droysens-20.jpg
20a France in 486. France in the 8th century. Droysens-20a.jpg
20b France in 511 Droysens-20b.jpg
20c France in 561 Droysens-20c.jpg
20d France in 587 Droysens-20d.jpg
21 Central Europe at the time of the Carolingians Droysens-21.jpg
21a France in 814, in 843 Droysens-21a.jpg
21b France in 870 Droysens-21b.jpg
21c France in 888 Droysens-21c.jpg
22/23 Germany in the year 1000 Droysens-22-23.jpg
23a The spread of Christianity Droysens-23a.jpg
24 Europe at the time of the Saxon and Frankish emperor Droysens-24.jpg
25 Development of the Swiss Confederation Droysens-25.jpg
25a Switzerland at the time of the Zährings, in 1200 Droysens-25a.jpg
25b The emergence of the Confederation, 1315

(Note that the file is named Droysens-255.jpg,
not Droysens-25b.jpg as I had intended.)

25c The original five cantons Droysens-25c.jpg
25d The Confederation of eight cantons Droysens-25d.jpg
25e The Confederation of 13 cantons Droysens-25e.jpg
25f The Swiss republic under the Directorate Droysens-25f.jpg
25g Switzerland in the time of Napoleon Bonaparte Droysens-25g.jpg
25h The creation of the Canton of Geneva Droysens-25h.jpg
25i Switzerland at the time of the Sonderbund war Droysens-25i.jpg
26/27 Central Europe in the time of the Hohenstaufens Droysens-26.jpg
26a The Welf lands at the time of Henry the Lion Droysens-26a.jpg
28 The Hanseatic League in 1400 Ausbreitung der Hanse um das Jahr 1400-Droysens 28.jpg
28a Plan of the Steelyard in London, 1667. Droysens-28a.jpg