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Gothic Architecture - by MathKnight Flag-of-Israel(boxed).png Gothic Israeli Jew

This page is dedicated to Gothic architecture and Gothic Revival (Neo-Gothic) architecture, the most maginificent, daring and beautiful architectural style ever invented by mankind. It includes introduction, pictures' gallery, illustrated glossary and links.

דף זה מוקדש לאדריכלות הגותית ואדריכלות התחייה הגותית, שני סגנונות אלה הם סגנונות הבנייה הנפלאים, הנועזים והיפים ביותר

הוא כולל הקדמה, גלריית תמונות נבחרות, מילון מונחים מאויר וקישורים חיצוניים


French Gothic architecture - upper left: Notre-Dame de Chartres, upper right: Clermont-Ferrand Cathedral, lower right: Rose window of Basilique Saint-Denis, lower middle: West facade of Notre-Dame de Reims, lower left: Notre-Dame de Paris
Duomo di Milano - one of the largest Gothic cathedrals

The Gothic architecture is considered as the summit of men's ability to build from stone and I agree. The Gothic cathedrals were large-scale projects blessed not only in grand and tall measures but also with a richness of ornamentations, both in artworks proper (stained-glass windows, Gothic sculpture, tracery, stone carving etc) and both in architectural elements that served both as decorations and as a support to the grand structure. The Gothic cathedral meant to symbolize heavenly Jerusalem and for that it was built in large scale, as a structure striving towards the sky, with pointy spires that scrap the sky and high vaulted naves that make men fill insignificant versus the power of God. The vicinity of the church was full of mystical light, thanks to the large stained-glass windows which depict in various colors stories from the Bible. So, the Gothic architecture combines between loft and slim structure to a space full of light, and delicate beautiful stonework and does it with rare talent and splendor. It combines vision with dedicated work of hundreds of craftsmen to create architectural perfection in which every part supports the grand whole. There is no doubt that Gothic (and neo-Gothic) structures are masterpieces of architecture, engineering and art.

The Gothic architecture was born in Medieval France during the middle 12th-century and reached it peak during the 13th-century, then the great cathedrals of Paris, Chartres, Reims, Amiens and Bourges were built, along with dozens cathedrals in other towns and provinces in France. The Gothic architecture spread to England, Germany, The Holy Roman Empire, Spain, center and northern Europe, and even to Italy, each giving local variations to the French Gothic style.

The Gothic architecture decayed during the 16th-century and was deserted for the Baroque architecture, although it somehow survived in France and England also during the 17th-century. During the 18th and 19th centuries the Gothic architecture again gained favor, due to the Romanticism and so Gothic Revival (Neo-Gothic architecture) was born. Many cathedrals, churches and structures were renovated, completed and restored during that period, including Cologne cathedral (Kölner Dom), Prague's St. Vitus Cathedral, Ulm münster, Regensburg Dom and Clermont-Ferrand Cathedral. The Gothic Revival gave new meaning to Gothic architecture and interpreted it as triumph of spirit over matter, a monument that celebrates the divine, the heavenly and the unnatural, as a feat of engineering and art, as a testimony to men's skill and talent and as a mysterious structures with halo of the religious and mystical past, and as a masterpiece in which the whole bigger than the sum of its parts and each element contributes to the splendor and beauty of the structure.

I started to love Gothic architecture in the year 2000, then I was a high-school student and visited Italy. There I saw grand and beautiful cathedrals (Duomo di Sienna, Santa Maria del Fiore, and of course, the Duomo di Milano - the spectacular Gothic cathedral with its forest of pinnacles, one of the largest and most beautiful cathedrals in the world) that were built in Gothic style (Italian Gothic with tendency for the Renaissance, but still Gothic in some manner). When I was younger I visited Notre-Dame de Paris. The characteristics of Gothic architecture, that merged well with the Romantic interpretation (The Romantic Movement of the 19th-century, that gave birth to Gothic Revival and Gothic Literature) of the Gothic as a strive towards heaven, for the spiritsness, for virtue and combining the Grotesque with the sublime (the Gargoyles and the Chimeras that frightened the people used to serve as water drains and guarded the cathedral from evil spirits) and on the opposite - the accepetance of the sad, the gloomy, the dark and the morbid without fear of the ugly and the sad (do you think sadness is evil?). Beside of these values, the Gothic structures are beautiful, marvelous and magnificent in an unusual manner, as you have seen (or will see) in the Gothic Gallery.

Gothic and Neo-Gothic architecture are the summit of human architecture and craftsmanship and undoubtly my favorite styles. The Gothic spirit, together with modern engineering and technology can bring new heights of architecture, enginnering and art that combine the best of French High & Rayonnant Gothic and German Flamboyant spires with Romantic interpretation and a loving artist hand. One of my dreams is to build a Synagogue in Gothic style, which would be the largest and tallest religious structure in the world.

With pleasure,
MathKnight Flag-of-Israel(boxed).png Gothic Israeli Jew

The Gothic Gallery[edit]

Gothic-Cologne-cathedral002.gif Reims Kathedrale.jpg Cathedrale vue de montjuzet detail.jpg
Gothic\Neo-Gothic Cologne cathedral - a masterpiece of golden black Gothic Notre-Dame de Reims - masterpiece of High Gothic architecture Clermont-Ferrand Cathedral towers above the town
NotreDameI.jpg Cathedrale-clermont-vue-de-jaude.jpg Notre dame de Paris vue de la tour montparnasse.JPG
Notre-Dame de Paris - the classic Gothic cathedral The black Gothic Clermont-Ferrand Cathedral Overview of Notre-Dame de Paris
Notre Dame dalla Senna.jpg ChartresCathedral06bs.jpg St.Vitus kathedraal2.jpg
Notre-Dame de Paris - south facade: flying buttresses and Rayonnant rose window Notre-Dame de Chartres - masterpiece of High Gothic architecture Rose window, St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague
Reims Cathedrale Notre Dame interior 002.JPG Nikolaikirche Hamburg von Nikolaibruecke.jpg ReimsCattedraleEsternoAbside.jpg
Notre-Dame de Reims - Rayonnant west facade from inside 147.3 meters tall Neo-Gothic spire of Niokolaikirche, Hamburg Notre-Dame de Reims - Rayonnant chevet with flying buttresses
Milano Duomo 1856.jpg Milano duomo finestroni.jpg Salisbury Cathedral Detail Arches.jpg
Duomo di Milano - an Italian-French Gothic masterpiece Duomo di Milano Gothic vaults in Salisbury cathedral
DSC08088 - Milano - Sul tetto del Duomo - Foto Giovanni Dall'Orto - 18-jul-2003.jpg PragueCathedral03.jpg Sainte chapelle - Upper level.jpg
Pinnacles and flying buttress in Duomo di Milano St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague, I photoed it! Valued image seal.svg  Sainte-Chapelle - emphasis of Gothic light
Lincoln Cathedral East window.jpg Mausoleum(05).jpg StPeter Regensburg.jpg
Gothic window, Lincoln Cathedral Gargoyle keeps his watch Regensburg cathedral - German Gothic architecture
Le Mans-Cathédrale.jpg
Le Mans 1.JPG
Catedral de Burgos-Fernán González.JPG St. Patrick's Cathedral New York 2006-06-18.JPG
Flying buttresses in Le Mans Cathedral Burgos Cathedral - a delicate Gothic stonework St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York - Neo Gothic cathedral in New York
Uppsala cathedral1.JPG Cathedrale-de-Strasbourg-IMG 1209.jpg
Strassburg Rose exterior.jpg
Bourges - 002 - Low Res.jpg
Kathedrale Bourges v2.jpg
Uppsala Cathedral - Brick Gothic Rose window in Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg The east of Bourges Cathedral
Westminster Abbey exterior.jpg NotreDameDeParis.jpg Cathédrale Nantes nef.JPG
Flying buttresses of Westminster Abbey, London Notre-Dame de Paris - west facade Nave of Nantes Cathedral
Canterburycathedraltower.JPG Cathedrale strasbourg vue generale.jpg ND Epine 01B.jpg
Canterbury Cathedral crossing tower Rayonnant facade of Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg Flamboyant facade of Basilique Notre-Dame de L'Épine
France Cotes d Armor Treguier 05.jpg Tours - Cathédrale Saint-Gatien - voûtes de la nef.jpg Kathedrale von Tours (Chor).jpg
Tréguier Cathedral Vaults of the nave of Tours cathedral Chevet of Tours cathedral
LaSeuMallorca.jpg GothicRayonnantRose003.jpg Kutna Hora CZ St Barbara Cathedral front view 01.JPG
Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca - vaults are 44 meters high Rayonnant rose window in Notre-Dame de Paris Gothic cathedral Kutná Hora - St. Barbara church
UlmMinster0042.jpg Picardie Beauvais2 tango7174.jpg Burgos Cathedral 01.jpg
The tall spire of Ulm Minster, 161.53 meters tall (Neo-Gothic) Beauvais cathedral - height of the vaults of the choir - 48 meters (tallest in the world) Burgos Cathedral, Spain - west facade, notice the Star of David in the rose window
Notredame Paris.JPG Chartres.jpg Triforium Chartres.jpg
Notre-Dame de Paris - south facade, flying buttresses, Rayonnant rose window Royal Portal of Chartres Cathedral features Early Gothic sculpture Internal elevation of Chartres Cathedral - arcade, triforium and clearstory
Országház várból.JPG
Parliament Buildung Hungary 20090920.jpg
StOuen0016.jpg Normandie Seine Rouen16 tango7174.jpg
Budapest Parliament of Hungary (Neo-Gothic) St. Ouen de Rouen - west facade St. Ouen de Rouen - Rayonnant interior, Flamboyant rose windows
Amiens-cathédrale.jpg Hasak - Der Dom zu Köln - Bild 02 Westseite.jpg Nikolaikirche001.jpg
Washington National Cathedral Twilight.jpg
Amiens Cathedral - western facade, High Gothic Cologne Cathedral - Neo-Gothic western facade, 157 meters tall St. Nikolai, Hamburg and Washington National Cathedral (Gothic Revival)
PPkerk(01).jpg NewYorkStPatrick03.jpg UlmCathedral10.jpg
Neo-Gothic church in Ostende St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York Ulm Minster, the tallest church in the world (with 161.53 meters tall spire)

Illustrated Glossary[edit]

Gothic-Cathedral-parts002.jpg Gothic-Cathedral-Overview09.jpg
אנגלית (English):
  1. North tower
  2. South tower
  3. West facade
  4. Narthex
  5. Nave
  6. Aisles
  7. Crossing
  8. North Transept
  9. South transept
  10. Choir
  11. Apse
  12. Ambulatory
  13. Chapel in chevet
  14. Flying buttress
  15. Rose window
  16. Spire

עברית (Hebrew):

  1. המגדל הצפוני
  2. המגדל הדרומי
  3. החזית המערבית
  4. נרתקס
  5. הספינה הראשית (אולם התווך)
  6. ספינות משניות - אגפים
  7. מקום המצלב
  8. צפון בית הרוחב (טרנספט)
  9. דרום בית הרוחב (טרנספט)
  10. בית המקהלה
  11. אפסיס
  12. אמבולטוריום
  13. קפלות בתצורת שווה|שווה
  14. תמיכות דואות
  15. חלון רוזטה
  16. צריח מחודד

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