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Blip game.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Blip game.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: DSCF1270
  • Tags: old archives
GoldStar Unit.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:GoldStar Unit.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: DSCF1290
  • Tags: old archives
Atari game console.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Atari game console.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: DSCF1326
  • Tags: old archives
Twisting mechanical puzzle.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:twisting mechanical puzzle.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: DSCF0808
  • Tags: old archives
Keyboard controller.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Keyboard controller.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: DSCF0809
  • Tags: old archives
Stepping stones by CJ.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Stepping stones by CJ.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: DSCF0818
  • Tags: old archives
Pair of Black Swans (one hiding), Australia.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Pair_of_Black_Swans_(one_hiding),_Australia.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: DSCF0875
  • Tags: old archives
Black Swan and Various Birds.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Black_Swan_and_Various_Birds.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: DSCF0876
  • Tags: old archives
Yellow dragon boat.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Yellow dragon boat.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: Dscf0900
  • Tags: old archives
White dragon boat.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:White dragon boat.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: Dscf0901
  • Tags: old archives
East Timor Demo.jpg
Seagulls at Fremantle.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Seagulls at Fremantle.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: DSCF0089
  • Tags: seagull Fremantle
Seagulls at Freemantle2.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Seagulls at Freemantle2.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: DSCF0093
  • Tags: old archives
Colonia, uruguay 10-04.jpg
Spinning wheel.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:spinning_wheel.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: spinning wheel
  • Tags:
Ships and sunset.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:ships and sunset.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: P1010041
  • Tags:
Rink 1.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Rink_1.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: Rink 1
  • Tags: skating rink
More fireworks in perth.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:More_fireworks_in_perth.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: DSCF0487
  • Tags: perth fireworks
More fireworks in perth.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:More fireworks in perth.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: DSCF0501
  • Tags: Perth Fireworks
Grumman control panel.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Grumman_control_panel.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: Grumman control panel
  • Tags: lou plane arial fly georgia
Aerial view of georgia.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Aerial_view_of_georgia.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: Arial view of georgia
  • Tags: lou plane arial fly georgia
Inside the engine of the plane.jpg
Belize ruins.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:belize ruins.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: belize
  • Tags: belize
Outhouse bathroom.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:outhouse bathroom.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: bathroom
  • Tags: belize
Coral in belize.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:coral in belize.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: coral
  • Tags: belize
Belize shark.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:belize_shark.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: shark
  • Tags: belize
Belize mayan ruins.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:belize_mayan_ruins.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: mayan ruins
  • Tags: belize
Belize mayan ruins2.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:belize mayan ruins2.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: 024_4A
  • Tags:
Belize mayan ruins3.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:belize_mayan_ruins3.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: mayan ruins
  • Tags: belize
Crabapples on branch.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Crabapples_on_branch.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: IMG_3749.JPG
  • Tags:
Lipari cloisters.jpg
Pyramid in mexico.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:pyramid in mexico.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: 112-1246_IMG
  • Tags: mexico holiday 2003
Monte Alban2.jpg
Ruins in Monte Alban by TW.jpg
Chiapas Protest.jpg
Canon del Sumideiro 2.jpg
Palenque ruins 2.jpg
Ferris Wheel.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Ferris Wheel.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: 如果有閒應該上去看一看
  • Tags: 20050101
San Cristobal.jpg
Waterfall by TW.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Waterfall by TW.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: 114-1497_IMG
  • Tags:
Mosquito Netting.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Mosquito Netting.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: 115-1583_IMG
  • Tags:
Ruins by TW.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Ruins by TW.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: 116-1664_IMG
  • Tags:
  • Link: [[Image:Tortilla chip machine.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: 117-1704_IMG
  • Tags:
Hay Storage.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Hay Storage.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: 121-2142_IMG
  • Tags:
Kasteel Vorden.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Kasteel_Vorden.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: Kasteel Vorden
  • Tags:
ATAriyaratne in group.jpg
In Kilinochchi With Prof Johan Galtung.jpg
TRO center, Mullaitivu.jpg
Dr Ariyaratne meeting with leaders in the North.jpg
Fort on the Beach.jpg
Orvieto Cathedral.jpg
El Catedral.jpg
View from top of pyramid.jpg
Kew Gardens Orange Flower.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Kew Gardens Orange Flower.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: Kew
  • Tags: flower kew london 2004
Kew Gardens Purple Flower.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Kew Gardens Purple Flower.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: Flower
  • Tags: flower kew london 2004
Japanese plum.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Japanese_plum.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: Japanese plum
  • Tags: poplife pink winter
  • Link: [[Image:lunapark.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: lunapark
  • Tags: