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of Mattes

My first edit took place on 3 February 2005, 17:24 CET. My first uploaded image was captured by myself in LaosFile:Fari-Wechsel.jpg (according to this my fist upload was on 2005-04-26T16:37:54 with File:S-bahn.JPG).

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Sorted by topic[edit]

Aktenordner, stehend.jpg

See also

Explore image files of data uploaded by myself:

Sorted by file names[edit]

More: List of my uploaded files by namepage 2page 3page 4page 5page 6page 7page 8

Sorted by year of capture[edit]

Category:Work by Mattes by year

Sorted by photo format[edit]


Most sharpest/crisp images I have made[edit]


Category:Videos by Mattes (from now on with Full HD 1920 × 1080/50 i)
Latest upload: File:Pendulum Wave Demonstration Jeff Goodman.ogv
My Vatican City model video has been deleted (no one knew the artist).

Sorted by community ratings of files[edit]

Main gallery: User:Mattes/Contributions/Awards.

Usage of uploaded files[edit]

Internal usage[edit]

Main page: /Internal usage.

As of 2014-04-21
Total image usages: 17,871 • Distinct images used: 3,311. (upd. and more editions)

External usage[edit]

Some hundred files are used outside of Wikimedia projects.

Main page: /External usage.


Main pages: /Categories created and Categories created.
    • Most categories added @ File:Gerard David - The Virgin and Child with Saints and Donor - Google Art Project.jpg
    • one of the highest ranking categories in terms of hierarchy I have created: Category:Puerto Rico
    • Created category with the most assignments is Category:Template:painting possible (> 1,800) now renamed

Articles/galleries and templates[edit]

IRHT 096653-p.jpg
Articles and templates created


Château de Dampierre, Yvelines, France. Statue d'Athéna par Henri Duponchet (1794-1868).jpg ¼ m one fourth million edits.

As of 2014-06-07, I have performed a total of 243,898+ edits ( (including deleted: 251,414) including 14,260+ uploads, 80+ new galleries and 5,000+ new categories as well as some galleries and templates. A bunch of pics have been produced by myself. On 2011-03-03, I finally started using the upload tool "Commonist" upload tool. On 2012-10-22, I've used the upload tool "Up!" for the first time (it was so fast that I got astonished). On 2012-11-27, I've changed my skin from "Classic" to "Monobook". Since 2012-12-16, I use VisualFileChange.js which is great.

The size of all uploaded files towards Commons by this user amounts to 29,837.91 MB as of 2014-06-07. The no.s of edits exceeds my edit count value of 47,000 at de.Wikipedia by far since 2009.(Editcount) The user main page traffic statistics views within the last 30 days

According to the assigned categories (not all files are assigned yet)

Regarding upload activty, I rank 20th as of 2014-08-23.

By year[edit]

By type[edit]

Last files uploaded


Date Name Thumbnail Size Description
20:12, 16 September 2014 Dyck, Anthony van — Charles I family portrait 1633 crop.jpg (file) 312 KB {{Image extracted|File:Henrietta Maria and Charles I.jpg}} == {{int:filedesc}} == {{Artwork |artist = {{Creator:Anthonis van Dyck}} |title = |description = {{en|1=Charles I and his wife Henrietta Maria with their eldest ch...
18:40, 16 September 2014 Nds. Landesmuseum (34).JPG (file) 340 KB brightness
04:45, 16 September 2014 Flugschein.JPG (file) 125 KB anon
06:15, 14 September 2014 Pendulum Wave Demonstration Jeff Goodman.ogv (file) 19.27 MB from flv
18:23, 12 September 2014 München — Neue Pinakothek — Eintrittskarte 2014 (Rückseite) .JPG (file) 16.37 MB == {{int:filedesc}} == {{Information |Description={{DEU}} — {{Munich}} — {{Institution:Neue Pinakothek}} {{de|Eintrittskarte (Rückseite)}} {{Detail}} of <gallery>File:Vincent Willem van Gogh 128.jpg</gallery> |Source={{own}} |Date=2014 |Author={{...
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Contributions (media uploads)
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By camera type[edit]

Currently in use: Sony DSC-HX5VN cyber-shot
Main features of Sony cyber shot DSC-HX5VN
Fujifilm FinePix S5700
Nikon Coolpix L2

I use or have used the following cameras:

My Nikon Coolpix Nikon Coolpix L2 digital camera gave up in September 2007 because of a mechanical malfunction but the company Nikon Deutschland GmbH was not willing to fix it even though the device had a valid warranty. I bought it in Thailand, and Nikon Germany refuses the Thai company branch's acknowledgement of warranty (Nikon should be Nikon, right?!). Nikon Thailand(Niks (Thailand) Co., Ltd.) fixed it free of charge though and I've brought it to relatives until Feb. 2009. My last image I have taken with that camera was in February of 2011. I donated it to my Thai folks again.

  • SonyEricsson W810i since mid-August 2007.(CAT · CAT)
  • Fujifilm FinePix S5700 S700 from 2007-11-07 until April 2011, and in "emergencies".(CAT)
  • Nikon F90 MF (1992-1995), 35mm film roll
  • Sony DSC-HX5VN cyber-shot with GPS and magnetic north heading functionality since May 2011.(CAT) Sony DSC-HX5VN (official website).
  • Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ41 with GPS and magnetic north heading functionality from September 6 until 24, 2013 for testing purposes.(CAT)
  • In addition, I use my Hewlett-Packard pstc5200 image scanning device which I own since Feb. 2008.(CAT)

Uploaded files are found in the file list and in the galleries unless they have been deleted or renamed(under construction). They are completely sorted in categories except these images.

Work by Mattes (except most scans; some motifs are from other users)
Type Files
Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ41
Taken with Sony DSC-HX5VN
Fujifilm FinePix S5700
Panasonic Lumix DMC-LC50
Taken with Nikon Coolpix L2
Sony Ericsson Walkman phone

Public galleries which I have created[edit]

Main mainspace gallery pages include


Files I have formatted and fixed[edit]


  • Including artist's images for creator templates

Frequently types of edits: Formatting, example:

Largest uploaded media[edit]

in terms of data size[edit]

(all scans and/or downloads)
4 MB min.

Photo camera Crystal Clear device camera.png
Image scanner Scanner bw.png
From a Website File upload.svg


Jacob Pütrich nent man Mich
Zu Reichertzhuisen haüset Ich
Ein Poet Teutsch nit unlieblich

predominantly of book pages or captions

Main gallery: User:Mattes/Contributions/Texts.

Audio files[edit]

Category:Audio files uploaded by Mattes
  • not self-work

Commons namespace[edit]


  1. Commons:WikiProject Headgear
  2. Commons:WikiProject Rome
  3. Commons:WikiProject Arts

(each with sub-pages)


250,000th edit (2014).
250,000th edit (2014).  
14,000th uploaded file (2014).
14,000th uploaded file (2014).  
29,000th uploaded MB (2014).
29,000th uploaded MB (2014).  
5,000th created category (2012).
5,000th created category (2012).  

Recent travel activities and field trips[edit]

done or in process[edit]

I've made the following trips for photo and video productions in favor of Commons:

Future activities[edit]

Watchers of the Stars.jpg
For more information, see en:User:Scriberius/About#Next_destinations

Wiki Loves Monuments[edit]

Commons:Wiki Loves Monuments

2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
Main gallery: /Wiki Loves Monuments.



Deleted media[edit]

As of 2013-04-21 (a more recent count is not supported by the software), ~7,000 of my edits/uploads have been deleted. Is that a high amount?

  1. ) In the beginning of my Commons activities, I have transferred some images from the English language Wikipedia without checking sources and licenses at all times.
  2. ) In the beginning of my Commons activities, the rate of correct categories which were applied to files was high and the descriptions were bad. Thus, one hardly could check for existent files prior to upload. Some uploaded files were duplicates (after correct sorting, they appeared in one category).
  3. ) In the beginning of my Commons activities, I have uploaded some low resolution images. They were overwritten by other files from other users in means of a new larger scaled file with the same motif.(which violates the rules → "exact duplicates of files are subject for deletion")
  4. ) Some images I have uploaded were deleted as being duplicates. Such images were uploaded days/weeks/months after my image was uploaded, or they had the "wrong" file extension (PNG/JPG etc.); example: File:Sergej B. Iwanow 2006 MKfS.jpgFile:Msc 2006-Saturday, 09.00 - 11.00 -IMG 3715.jpg
  5. ) Some images I have uploaded were deleted as derivative work while similar images still exist at Commons. Example: A Lufthansa logo (don't remember the file name)
  6. ) Edits on files (as uploader or not) count as deleted edits, too.
  7. ) Newly created categories get deleted as "incorrectly named" but mostly not based upon a concept, most get deleted without discussion. Latest example: Category:Police vehicles in Germany ("in <country>" was widely used → Category:Police vehicles of Germany) — Where's the AfD discussion?
  8. ) Duplicate files get deleted (uploads by another user)
  9. ) Sometimes, pages in the user namespaces are getting obsolete (including redirects), so I request a deletion.
  10. ) etc.

C. 90% of the deleted files have been uploaded by me years ago.

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