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Men and woman during different eras is part of the User:Mattes/Studies series.

...inspired by the 1978 "Il était une fois... l'Homme" film trailer (watch it on youtube) en es fi fr he no sv

Man using a tool.
Landschaft mit dem Dankopfer Noahs, Joseph Anton Koch, c. 1803.
Ancient Egypt.
Achaemenid Empire (559–330 BC).
Viking age (Voyages in the North Atlantic).
Portrait of Lady Margaret Butts (1543).
Peter Pett with the ship Sovereign of the Seas (Britain, 1634)
Lady (Spain?, 17th century)
Ducado de Osuna (1788).
Wiener Mode (1841 European fashion).
People working in a factory (Eisenwalzwerk) (Germany 1872-1875).
Blanche Stuart Scott, a female American aviator in her biplane, c. 1910-16.
Rotary steam shovel at work, New Ulm, Minnesota, USA.
Power house mechanic working on steam pump, 1920.
Mitsubishi G3M-28 Nell type 96, japanisches landgestütztes Angriffsflugzeug beim Start (c. 1930s).
"The Craig Comet" B-29 42-3445, 794th Bomb Squadron 468th Bomb Wing, India, United States Air Force, World War II.
Astronaut in space, 1984.
Airbus A380, European co-production 2005.
ÖBB Narrow gauge diesel engine 2091.07 (Austria, 2007).

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