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The Marriage of Heaven and Earth
Personally tailored File formatting

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Template:Information licenses and permissions[edit]

Template:Information & Template:cc-zero[edit]

== {{int:filedesc}} == 


[[:Category:Work by Mattes]]

Template:Information & CC BY SA 3.0[edit]

Without location and motif template[edit]

== {{int:filedesc}} == 


With location and motif template[edit]

== {{int:filedesc}} == 
*{{loc desc}}: {{DEU}} — [[Bavaria]] — [[Lenggries]] — Bergweg 12: Tiermuseum 



== {{int:filedesc}} == 
 |artist             ={{creator:}}
 |author             ={{creator:}}
 |title              ={{title|
 |description        =
 |date               =
 |medium             ={{Technique|oil|canvas}}
 |dimensions         ={{size|cm||}}
 |institution        =
 |department         =
 |references         =
 |object history     =
 |exhibition history =
 |credit line        =
 |place of creation  =
 |inscriptions       =
 |notes              =
 |permission         =
 |other_versions     =
 |source             =
 |accession number   =


[[Category:<artist>]] or [[Category:<individual artwork>]] 
[[Category:<time> paintings]]
[[Category:oil paintings]]
[[Category:Media uploaded by Mattes]]

[[Category:Scans by Mattes]]
[[Category:Taken with Hewlett-Packard image scanners]]

Template:Philately (German stamps) & Template:Information[edit]

* Nennwert (Nominal):  cent
* Maße: 35,00 × 35,00 mm
* Papierqualität: Postwertzeichenpapier DP 2, gestrichen, weiß, fluoreszierend

DBP {{PD-Deutsche Bundespost stamps}} oder
DPAG {{PD-German stamps}}

[[Category:Media uploaded by Mattes]]

Camera models and scanning devices[edit]

[[Category:Photos taken with Olympus]]
[[Category:Photos taken with Panasonic DMC-LC50]]
[[Category:Taken with Nikon Coolpix L2]]
[[Category:Photos taken with Sony Ericsson Walkman phone]]
[[Category:Taken with Fujifilm FinePix S5700]]
[[Category:Taken with Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ41]]
[[Category:Taken with Hewlett-Packard image scanners]] ("600 dpi, million colors, High quality"), later on [[Category:Taken with Hewlett-Packard pstc5200]]

Graphic designs made by myself[edit]

[[Category:Graphic designs by Mattes]]

Frequently used book sources[edit]

  • Book scan/Photograph of the book: Rosa Giorgi: Bildlexikon der Kunst, Bd. 6.: Engel, Dämonen und phantastische Wesen, 384 S., Berlin: Parthas-Verlag 2003, ISBN 3936324042 / ISBN 9783936324044, S. ... (User:Mattes/Studies/Engel, Dämonen und phantastische Wesen)
  • Book scan/Photograph of the book: Chiara Guarnieri (Herausgeber): Bildlexikon der Kunst, Bd. 8: Astrologie, Magie und Alchemie, Berlin: Parthas-Verlag 2005, ISBN-13 978-3936324143, S. ... (User:Mattes/Studies/Bildlexikon der Kunst: Astrologie, Magie und Alchemie)
  • Book scan/Photograph of the book: Matilde Battistini (Autor), Stefano Zuffi (Herausgeber), Lidia Maurizi (Herausgeber), Suzanne Fischer (Übersetzer), Caroline Gutberlet (Übersetzer): Bildlexikon der Kunst, Bd. 3: Symbole und Allegorien, 383 S., Berlin: Parthas-Verlag 2004, ISBN 978-3936324006, S. ... (User:Mattes/Studies/Bildlexikon der Kunst: Symbole und Allegorien)
  • Book scan/Photograph of the book: Christian Stukenbrok und Barbara Töpper: 1000 Meisterwerke der europäischen Malerei von 1300 bis 1850, 1008 S., Hagen: Verlag Könemann, 2005, ISBN 3-8331-1310-3, S. ... (User:Mattes/Studies/1000 Meisterwerke der Europäischen Malerei von 1300 bis 1850)
  • Book scan/Photograph of the book: Eva-Gesine Baur und Ingo F. Walther (Hrsg.): Rokoko, 96 S., Köln: TASCHEN 2007. ISBN 3-8228-5303-8 / ISBN 978-3-8228-5303-0, S. ...
  • Book scan/Photograph of the book: Manfred Wundram: Renaissance, 69 S., Köln: TASCHEN 2007, ISBN 3-8228-5295-3 / ISBN 978-3-8228-5295-8, S. ...
  • Book scan/Photograph of the book: Norbert Wolf: Romantik, 96 S., Köln: TASCHEN 2007, ISBN 3822853070 / ISBN 978-3822853078, S. ...
  • Book scan/Photograph of the book: Alexander Roos: Alchemie & Mystik, 576 S., Köln u.a.: TASCHEN 2007, ISBN 978-3-8228-5035-0, S. ...
  • Book scan/Photograph of the book: Pierluigi de Vecchi and Gianluigi Colalucci, Die Sixtinische Kapelle, Munich, Bassermann publishers, 2007, p. . ISBN 9783809420804
  • Book scan/Photograph of the book: H. Anna Suh (publisher), Leonardo da Vinci-Skizzenbücher, Bath, Parragon books, Bath 2005, ISBN 1-40546-499-2, S. ...
  • Book scan/Photograph of the book: Holle, Gerard du Ry van Beest (Hg.), Kunstgeschichte, Mueller Karl, Erlangen 1994, ISBN 3860703528, p. ...
  • Book scan/Photograph of the book: Symbole und Allegorien (Battistini, Bildlexikon der Kunst Bd. 1, Berlin: Parthas-Verlag, 2003 ISBN 3-936324-00 X, S. ...
  • Book scan/Photograph of the book: Enzyklopädie der Weltkunst, Bd. 6 - "Renaissance und Barock", p. 2762, 1978 edition, S. ...
  • Book scan/Photograph of the book: Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen: Malerei des Spätbarock, 280 S., Ostfildern: Hatje Cantz, 2007, ISBN 978-3-7757-1936-0n, S. ...
  • Book scan/Photograph of the book: Ansichten und Einsichten. Hans Grässels Fotosammlung zur Architekurgeschichte Münchens 1860-1945, hrsgg. vom Stadtarchiv München, Hugendubel 1994, 1. Aufl., ISBN 3-88034-749-2, p. ...
  • Book scan/Photograph of the book: ..., ..., ..., ..., ..., ISBN ..., p. ...

GPS note[edit]

EXIF data contains GPS data of the camera position (coordinates and mag. north).
GPS data may be inaccurate.

{{keypress|EXIF data contains GPS data of the camera position (coordinates and mag. north). GPS data may be inaccurate.}}

FOP templates[edit]

below license



The photographical reproduction of this work is covered under the article § 59 of the German copyright law, which states that "It shall be permissible to reproduce, by painting, drawing, photography or cinematography, works which are permanently located on public ways, streets or places and to distribute and publicly communicate such copies. For works of architecture, this provision shall be applicable only to the external appearance."

See Commons:Freedom of Panorama#Germany for more information.

Deutsch | English | Esperanto | français | македонски | русский | +/−




According to article 27 of the Copyright Act (de/fr/it), works installed at or on publicly accessible places or ground may be pictured, and such pictures may be offered for sale, sold, transmitted, or otherwise published. The image must not be three-dimensional and it must not be possible to use the picture for the same purpose as the original.

The works must be permanently installed, but for the purposes of the law, "permanent" means a fixed installation which may be temporary -- time limited -- but not "accidental", e.g. due to transport of the work.

Deutsch | English | italiano | +/−

Bonus material: Image improvement templates[edit]

Augustus Keppel BHC2823.jpg
Category:Image cleanup templates

Geolocation (other)[edit]

{{Location possible}} {{keypress|EXIF data contains GPS data of the camera position (coordinates and mag. north). GPS data may be inaccurate.}} This location was not taken from EXIF data.

Formatting template[edit]

== {{int:filedesc}} ==
{{Template:Loc desc}} {{DEU}}
{{title| — }}
{{de| — }}
{{en| — }}

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