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My pages in Wikipedia:[edit]

Useful tools & rules:[edit]


  • Template:Information (example)
  • {{rename media|}} (rename file)
  • {{Cfr|}} (rename category); {{Delete cat when empty}} (delete category)
  • {{Move|Category:|because .|3=2010-08-30}} (rename or merge category)
  • {{Speedy|Unused and empty}} (delete empty category)
  • {{duplicate|F Schubert.JPG}}{{universal replace|Stamp of Moldova 159.gif|F Schubert.JPG|reason=exact, or scaled-down duplicate}}
  • {{Description missing}}
  • {{subst:authorship claims}}
  • {{Author missing}}
  • {{Source missing}}
  • {{bsr}} (better source request) + {{subst:bsr-user|Image:xx.jpeg}}
  • {{subst:chc}} (check categories)
  • {{disputed|explain reason}} (disputed copyright tag)
  • {{wrong-license|Reason}} (wrong license)
  • {{Notice|header=Header text|Include text here.}} (for an additional notice header)
  • {{other date|century|19}}; {{Original upload date|1=2007-07-20}} or just {{Date|2010|07|20}}