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English: I am MrFish from the English Wikipedia. As of right now, I have no means of photographing images or modifying them outside of Microsoft Paint. Thus this account exists almost exclusively for uploading images from the internet.

Nevertheless, feel encouraged to leave a message on my talk page, as I would rather have commons discussion there than on my Wikipedia talk page. Commons will automatically email me when you do so, and I will respond as soon as is practical. You can always email too, especially if you want to speak to me off the record.

Please feel free to fix my French, and really anything else I do imperfectly.

Français: Je suis le MrFish (MPoisson) dans la Wikipédia anglophone. Maintenant, je ne peut pas photographier des images ni eux changer (excepté avec Microsoft Paint), donc je suis ici presque seulement pour additionner des image du web.

Mon français est mal, mais j'apprends leutement.