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Nalia Soliel Starr (born March 23, 2007) is an Wellington, New Zealand Drag Queen and live singer, whom has been in the drag industry for over 3 years the Drag Princess starred in her first solo performance on the 23rd of March 2007 at Imerst Night Club, and was crowned Miss Drag Wellington 2007, 3rd Place after making herself known to the community she has made several performances around the world. She has been on two world tours performing in New Zealand, Australia, Europe, The United States Of America and The Middle East. To this day is still performing and making appearances on You Tube and in Australia.

Her Alias was conceived by Sonny Tamati, Lady Trenyce and Rhubarb Rouge


Early Life[edit]

Nalia Starr made her first show at Imerst Night Club at 1am in the morning, her show was To Know Your Name from Lindsay Lohan the show wasn't the best you had seen yet, her second show Fever from Kylie Mingoue was a lot more successful, however Nalia wanted to really get her name out into the open and so she singed up for Miss Drag Wellington and was later crowned 3rd place, nalia was then known for her live sung performance of Stuff Like That There by Bette Midler, she has now performed over 50 times, in several different places around the beautiful city of Wellington and has also performed in Auckland, New Zealand's largest city. Before she left for Australia to pursue a better career she did a huge finale Who Killed Nalia Starr. The show was a huge success.


Australia & Dubai[edit]

Nalia has been living in Brisbane Australia for 18 months (2007 - 2009), she hadn't found what she was looking for so she has been hasked by her agent to move to Dubai to see if this makes anything if a difference... making a stand in Dubai.

New Zealand[edit]

Miss Drag Wellington 2007[edit]

After only two performances as an amateur Drag Queen she singed up for Miss Drag Wellington 2007. There were four categories, Normal Wear, Swim Wear, The Performances and Evening Wear. (You can catch all performances and interviews live on You Tube) Nalia truly made her mark when it came to the performance category when she sang live to Stuff Like That there by Bette Midler and hence was crowned Third Place, 'You know it wasn't about winning it was just making my mark, and showing the gay community that I'm here to represent you'

The Welly Dollz Era[edit]

Nalia Starr, Felicity Frockaccino & Rhubarb Rouge have been together since 2007 their first performance Umbrella from Rihanna even had a video made by the girls, these are three big girls who wanted to let people know that just cause we're big doesn't mean we can't do better than you!, Nalia Starr. The Dragqueens also wanted to change the scene in wellington due to a lack of live singing shows, as Nalia Starr sang live in a few the girls performed a few times live making a statement that some drag queens can sing live. They have performed only at Imerst but have had Lady Trenyce as a guest in one of their performances. Due to Nalia's departure and show Who Killed Nalia Starr the girls have had to separate but they are still together in spirit.

The Welly Dollz Performances[edit]

  • 1.Umbrella: Rihanna (Sang Live)
  • 2.Like A Virgin/ Hollywood/ Work It: Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Madonna and Missy Elliot
  • 3.Lounge Medley: Whoopi Goldberg (Sang Live)
  • 4.Wannabe: Spice Girls (Sang Live)
  • 5.Nasty Girl: Destiny’s Child
  • 6.Bohemian Rhapsody: Queen

The Who Killed Nalia Starr Show[edit]

One of Nalia's biggest shows Who Killed Nalia Starr was a concept put together for Nalia's departure to Australia, the Show was at Imerst Night Club on the 1st of Decmeber, The Cluedo themed show starred Nalia Starr, Lady Trenyce,Rickal, Felicity Frockaccino, Ellie Kat & Rhubarb Rouge. Guest appearance Brandy banks. The first performance was by Nalia Starr Can't Get You Out Of My head from Kylie Minogue, Then a white sheet came down from the roof and is splattered with 'Blood' all over it, and when the sheet was lifted Nalia Starr is lying dead on the floor covered in tomato sauce and the suspects are revealed Lady Trenyce,Rickal, Felicity Frockaccino, Ellie Kat, Rhubarb Rouge & Brandy banks.

Rickal performed Jump From Girls Aloud, and Rhubarb Rouge & 'Ellie Kat' performed together in Me Against The Music From Britney Spears Featuring Madonna. Then Felicity Frockaccino Performed for nalia a previous song Alfie by Lilly Allen and Lady Trenyce performed a previous nalia song Everytime by Britney Spears.

To finish the night Nalia Starr came on stage and sang Vision Of Love live by Mariah Carey, during the performance The Black Lady Trenyce's Evil Twin came and killed Nalia Starr in front of the audience, so closed the case on who killed Nalia Starr.

The Nalia Starr Show Controversy[edit]

During the last performance of the Who Killed Nalia Starr Show at the Imerst nightclub in Wellington, Nalia Starr was performing Vision Of Love by Mariah Carey when The Black (Lady Trenyce's Evil Twin Sister) kills Nalia Starr on stage. Leading up to this dramatic climax Nalia put tomato sauce in her mouth and spits it at the audience. No one was injured but several people in the audience were outraged and humiliated as the tomato sauce ruined drinks and clothes worn by observers.

Nalia's Only Statement was this "When a person is to come watch a Drag show, you must expect the unexpected, this isn't the first incident that has happened at this Venue, i do however wish to apologize for ruining customers their drinks, but as for the clothes, they were marked and now belong to me!"

The World Wide Web Experience[edit]

Nalia Starr You Tube Princess[edit]

Nalia Starr has been on the You Tube for over a year now she has released 23 official videos from many artists, the videos were used for her performances live at Imerst. her first video was Too Little Too Late by JoJo, her most watched video Kuschel was her first Comedy video so was the beginning of new videos coming soon.

Amazingly enough her last two videos I Kissed a Girl Paparazzi and Kuschel have been the biggest hits on her channel so far making it over 63,000 video views and counting

Nalia Starr You Tube Videos[edit]

Below is the list of videos live on You Tube for you to enjoy.


The Get Back World Tour[edit]

Several videos on You Tube had promoted The Get Back Nalia Starr Tour. But what started as a simple show in New Zealand ended up as a around the world tour! The tour started in Brisbane where Nalia now lives. "I saw this show as a Statement to the world that, I am still here and I'm not Going Anywhere!!"


20th Brisbane 21st Singapore 22nd Dubai 25th Rome (Performance in Milan 27th)


4th Madrid (Performace in Barcalona 5th) 10th London (Not Confirmed For Performance) 17th New York (Not Confirmed For Performance) 28th Los Angeles or San Fran (Not Confirmed For Performance) 24th Auckland 25th Wellington


1st Brisbane

No real reports as to how the Shows went, However we have had Fans from all over contact us when this was published

Jason From New York City "Love Nalia, and her show was unlike anything we have here!!" Tilly From New Jersey at the New York Show "Brillant"

Hannah From Germany saw the Milan Show "Wow, Really didn't think it was possible for a 'Drag show to be this cool'!!"

The Nalia Starr Experience Tour[edit]

Nalia starr wanted to have one last goodbye to her wonderful Friends, Family and Fans back in New Zealand so she had planned to stay in New Zealand for one week and do several shows in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland, labeling the show the Nalia Starr Experience Tour, and she even had dancers from Australia to come and perform with her.

Then she was contacted by her agent and was asked to move to Dubai, she jumped at the idea and is now leaving Australia 3rd November 2009, thus Canceling the show... however she plans to still do what she loves best and that is her Videos...

Nalia Starr 2007 Performances[edit]