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This series of ants on peony (Paeonia) flower buds is being made in part to determine if there is any truth to the old wives' tale that ants are integral to the successful blooming of peony flowers. The sources that I've found say that ants, attracted by the buds' sweet nectar, are benefitial to peonies, but only because they eat soft-bodied insects that would otherwise harm the peonies. Contrary to the common wisdom, peony flowers will bloom without the aid of ants. See for a FAQ on this topic.


Peony Ant 4816.jpg Peony Ant 4818.jpg Peony Ant 4819.jpg Peony Ant 4820.jpg
Peony Ant 4827.jpg Peony Ant 4828.jpg Peony Ant 4829.jpg Peony Ant 4947.jpg


Peony Ant 4994.jpg Peony Ant 5008.jpg Peony Ant 5030.jpg Peony Ant 5032.jpg


Peony Ant 5065.jpg Peony Ant 5067.jpg Peony Ant 5072.jpg Peony Ant 5079.jpg