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My real name is Alejandro Guerrero Ruiz aka Alex.

I was born in 1979, in Barcelona, Spain, in a working class family. I graduated in Political Sciences in 1997, at Pompeu Fabra University. I moved to Madrid in 2001, where I got a Masters Degree in Economic development at the Complutense University of Madrid. I received a four-year scholarship by the Juan March Foundation, and I got a Master of Arts in Social Sciences in 2004. At the present, I'm running for a Ph.D. at the Autonomous University of Madrid. I also achieved another scholarship by La Caixa savings bank to complete my thesis in the United States during 2006-2007.

Academically, I'm interested in tax issues, because I see them as a summary of the relationship between State and society, and a reflex of the social agreement that exists in each country. So, much of my contributions to the Wikipedia are related to fiscal issues, where I can consider myself to have some advanced knowledge.

I have been in much of Western Europe, US west coast, Central America and South America. I'm a lover of Latin America's history and people.

Some of my photography work can be found here.