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Remilo, is one of the 2 names of an anonymous American male. The name Remilo has no meaning, he just thought it up, and so it was. Remilo's other name is name is NickoHeap, from the Septimus Heap series (I really like them, and recommend them to all).

He enjoys acting, cooking, and writing.

Remilo dose not usually make Wikipedia articles from scratch. However, he does organize Wikipedia articles. He will remove dead links, add useful links, and move paragraphs around to be in a better place. Occasionally he will start a new section of an article for a specific purpose (like adding a section about Medicine in [[bamboo]. He simply took a paragraph about medicine out of culinary uses of bamboo, made the medicine section, and put the paragraph there).Remilo reads at least one Wikipedia article every day. He will read one article, then the next day he will either read a completely different article, or read an article that has a link to it on the page. Example-Friday, Guacamole, Saturday, Bonsai -or- Friday, Guacamole, Saturday, Avocado.

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