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Edit Client State OS/Subversion
Firefox 4-20 ✓OK Windows/Ubuntu
Firefox 3 ✓OK
Firefox 2 Symbol question.svg unknown
Internet Explorer 10 ✓OK Windows
Internet Explorer 8 ✓OK Windows
Internet Explorer 7 few rendering issues Windows
Internet Explorer 6 Symbol question.svg unknown
Konqueror Symbol question.svg unknown
Chrome ✓OK Ubuntu(Chromium)
Opera (new versions) ✓OK Windows
Safari 5/Mac Symbol question.svg unknown
Safari 4/Mac Symbol question.svg unknown
Safari 3/Mac Symbol question.svg unknown
Safari 2/Mac Symbol question.svg unknown
Safari 3/Win Symbol question.svg unknown
  • Q: I am using an old or non-standard, vulnerable Browser and I am unable to update and the gallery look really weird or does not work. What can I do?
    • A: I won't spend my spare-time to think about a solution for old browsers, sorry. This script should work for modern browsers. If you have a suggestion how to fix for your browser, you can report it as a code-improvement.
  • Q: The tool claims, that a file is deleted but it was just moved/renamed.
    • A: The tool traces one file movement. If there is more than one or a deletion in-between, I can't do anything, sorry.
  • Q: The tool claims, that a file is a deleted revision. What the hell is that?
    • A: This is due to the nature of the tool. It tries to find all your uploads consequently using the upload log. There are now three cases possible:
      • It is, indeed, a deleted file version. An administrator deleted this specific version. Click on the icon to see who and why. (Log)
      • The complete file was deleted and a user recreated it with totally different content. Click on the icon to see why it was deleted.
      • MediaWiki (the servers) were to slow and the log-timestamp differs too much from the file-version timestamp: Yes that is stupid but nothing I can change, sorry. Each file version should have a stable ID that is logged but MediaWiki did not implement that. You could also request a new API module there, that allows listing all user uploads directly at Bugzilla.
  • Q: Do you need help?
    • A: Yes. If you have ideas or just want to improve the tool, don't hesitate to ask me.


You can add these to your common.js to alter the default behavior.

Explanation Option Example
Add camera model to the thumb JSONListUploadsShowModel
window.JSONListUploadsShowModel = true;
Highlight a special category below thumbnail -
// Highlight a special category below thumbnail
// Reference path: [[User:Rillke/Gallery tool/FAQ]]
$(document).bind('scriptLoaded', function(e, name, obj) {
   if (name && 'JSONListUploads' === name && obj) {
         // Regular expression, letters to show below thumb,
         //  color (optional; RGB in HEX; 3 or 6 digits)
         [/Media with locations/, 'loc', 'e8b']