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Hello. I am Shouya0201. It contributes chiefly from Mac OS X.
Japanese is not understood. English, please.

Self introduction[edit]

The favorite one[edit]

The hated one[edit]

  • Magnet:Because the data of the floppy disk breaks.


  • Carry about the floppy disk.


  • Coming Soon!

Edit and writing policy[edit]

Basic policy[edit]

To achieve 信頼されるフリーな百科事典を――それも、質も量も史上最大の百科事典を創り上げる , all the abilities are poured.

Please correct it when the mistake is found in the content described of me. Please refrain from a provocative comment.

Recent activity[edit]

It doesn't teach.

Future work[edit]

It contributes in my unoccupied hours.


The edit not deleted is borne in mind though the server load becomes heavy.