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Sol-Koch, von Koch snowflake as a symbol for the sun.

Solkoll, a user, primaly at the Swedish Wikipedia. But now I'm here (at Commons), to save the world from the lack of good images of linear 3D-fractals, (try Google, you wont find many =). Here, a couple of examples:

Sierpinski pyramid.
Sierpinski pyramid.

Menger sponge.
Menger sponge.

Nowdays I also do non-linear 3D fractals. Currently I'm writing on a demo for a reversed formula Julia-set in 3D. The program has got a page here where you can download it if you like to test it. It is not a fractal tool, more like a browser for fractal exploring expeditions =)
3D Julia-set.
A example picture of the 3D Julia-set.

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To see more of my images take a look at this list or sv:Kategori:Bilder av fraktaler, Images of fractals, I made them all, (exept the broccoli).

My shortcuts: Template:Solkoll, Template:Solkoll 2D, Template:Solkoll 3D