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User StephenMcLeod (boorishbehaviour in a past life) is Stephen McLeod Blythe, a male teenager from Glasgow, Scotland.

With a keen interest in music, he currently is a member of Glaswegian band The RipOffs, in which he plays guitar and sings.

He is also a self-confessed geek, having worked both in the virtual and real world for places such as MSNFanatic,, Digital Fanatic, as well as Glasgow University and Real Time Engineering.

As well as general network and IT work, he does small-time website design through word-of-mouth. His own personally run websites currently include, and The RipOffs official site here.

He likes to frequent Wikipedia, the messageboard of Glaswegian three-piece trio Biffy Clyro, IRC and deviantART amongst a host of others.

Throughout the web, he is known under the following pseudonyms: Greenboy (and variations), Boorishbehaviour, 404, SMBlythe.