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Plej ĵusa alŝuto: Virgen y San Miguel.jpg, 102 KB, 19:31, 27 July 2014


Tenho andado a fazer muito disto! Esta categoria já teve mais de 200 imagens, agora são menos de 100…


Personal photos?[edit]

I wrote this in a DR discussion, but it applies to a lot of others — so lets have here a handy pointer:

While I agree with the sentiment, the only useful way to fix this problem is to reduce the exaggerated proeminence given to the mobile uploads gadget in the mobile versions of Commons and several Wikipedias (i.a., taking down imbecile things like «This article lacks a photo — shoot one and upload it right now!»). For that, the foundation is the target to be addressed; lashing at individual uploads is petty and inffective.

Secondly, what the heck are “personal” photos, and why do you hate them? Most photos we curate and cherish are “personal”, i.e., shot by a person. Moreover, even considering a wider meaning of the word "personal", — again most of our valuable media was created and uploaded, and is being curated, within a framework of purely personal interest, as opposed to professional or any other “unpersonal” attachment. Can we stop calling something personal when we want to disparage items simply deemed frivolous and off-topic?

-- Tuválkin 00:50, 9 May 2014 (UTC)


  • =={{int:filedesc}}==
    | Description = {{eo|Tramvoja disbranĉejo en Lisbono}}
    | Source =
    * http://page.url/detail/
    * http://same.url/foo/image_detail.jpg
    | Date = 2011-04-26 16:01:31
    | Author = [ Joe Blow]
    | Permission = {{see below}}
    | other_versions= {{other|boo_far.jpg|Something here.}}
    | other_fields={{Information_field |name=1st uploaded as the|value={{subst:formatnum:{{subst:#expr:{{subst:formatnum:{{subst:NUMBEROFFILES}}|R}}+1}}}}<sup>th</sup> file in Wikimedia Commons}}
    {{Object location|38|42|26.068|N|9|8|34.264|W|}}


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