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Nostra fotografia




|Source=Nostra fotografia
|Author=[[Image:Genova-Castello d'Albertis-Twice25-Wikipedian in Italy-1.JPG|thumb|left|125px|<center>[[User:Rinina25|Rinina25]]]]
[[Image:Genova-Castello d'Albertis-Twice25-Wikipedian in Italy-2.jpg|thumb|left|125px|<center>[[user:Twice25|Twice25]]]]
|other versions= (variabile opzionale, può anche essere trascurata)

Brief syntax description[edit]

For usage full description of the the template see Commons:First steps/Quality and description.

|other_versions= (optional variable, can be left out)

e.g. the source code of the description of Image:Anders-Celsius-Head.jpg:

|Description =
{{en|Part of an oil painting of Anders Celsius. Painting by Olof Arenius (1701 - 1766).
The original painting is placed in the astronomical observatory of Uppsala University.}}
{{de|Teil eines Ölgemälde von Anders Celsius, das von Olof Arenius (1701-1766) gemalt wurde.
Das Originalgemälde befindet sich im astronomischen Observatorium der Universität Uppsala.}}
{{nds|Deel vun en Schilleraats, dat Anders Celsius wiest. Maalt vun Olof Arenius (1701-1766).
Dat Original hangt in’t astronoomsche Observatorium bi de Universität Uppsala.}}
|Source = Astronomical observatory of Uppsala University
|Date = between 1701 - 1766
|Author = Olof Arenius
|Permission = Copyright expired as artist died more than 70 years ago
|other_versions = [[:Image:Anders-Celsius.jpeg]] (full image)