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Conflicts of interest.


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Queer youth advocate, Wikimedian, WikiQueerian, policy wonk, tech nerd, nonprofit capacity building geek, Episcopalian & video gamer - among other things I'm sure I could add if I was a bigger fan of writing about myself. Face-grin expert.svg

Fortunately for you (well...) - some folks at WikiQueer felt more inspired about getting my bio going than I did. You can read the outcome of that ongoing effort over at WikiQueer.

Varnent In a Nutshell[edit]

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Commons is not censored.

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See also: Wikimedia Involvement and WikiQueer's contributions to Wikimedia

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My Favorite Files[edit]

* This gallery includes - in no particular order - photos, videos, and audio files uploaded by any Wikimedian - not just me.
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