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Warren Fish[edit]


Wikipedia is a cool medium for settling bets and proving your co-workers wrong.

A few words about me.... I spent some time in Kansas City, Missouri, Rota, Spain, Kami Seya, Japan, Washington, DC, and now I live in Omaha, Nebraska. I'm a reformed network engineer currently who recently become a part of the bureaucracy itself. I don't have a great deal of expertise in any one specific thing, however, I've have access to a great deal of knowledge! I like to update Wiki pages as I go...or rather, as I travel along the Information Superhighway, the Global Information Grid (GIG), the DoD Information Network (DoDIN)...

I take a lot of pictures with my Nikon...I like to post them in the Commons. My favorite subjects are architecture, wildlife, and soccer players.

Ultimately - I'm want to spread the truth on the subjects that I'm familiar with. This medium, is self-correcting, so if I'm wrong feel free to patch up my work. Ultimately, I use Wikipedia so much that felt I should start contributing.


Travelling is fun, and I enjoy adventures with my family. My free time is spent with my family, spending money, watching cartoons, taking pictures, hunting, and playing soccer, etc.....

My Contribution to Wikipedia[edit]