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For all images, could you please add Category:Old postcards from Flickr to be checked. Thanks, Yann (talk) 13:55, 15 December 2013 (UTC)



By Nadar (d.1910)[edit]

To be added: {{Creator:Félix Nadar}}
Category: Category:Old postcards by Félix Nadar
License: {{PD-old-100}}

By Charles Ogerau (d.1908)[edit]

To be added: {{Creator:Charles Ogerau}}
Category: Category:Charles Ogerau
License: {{PD-old-100}}

By Paul Boyer (d.1908)[edit]

To be added: {{Creator:Paul Boyer}}
Category: Category:Paul Boyer
License: {{PD-old-100}}

By Alphonse Liébert (d.1913)[edit]

To be added: {{Creator:Alphonse Liébert}}
Category: Category:Old postcards by Alphonse Liébert
License: {{PD-old-100}}

By Lucien Waléry (d.1935)[edit]

To be added: {{Creator:Lucien Waléry}}
Category: Category:Old postcards by Lucien Waléry
License: {{PD-old-70}}

By Édouard Stebbing (d.1915)[edit]

To be added: {{Creator:Édouard Stebbing}}
Category: Category:Édouard Stebbing
License: {{PD-old-70}}

By Léopold-Émile Reutlinger (d.1937)[edit]

To be added: {{Creator:Léopold-Émile Reutlinger}}
Category: Category:Old postcards by Léopold-Émile Reutlinger
License: {{PD-old-70}}

To be completed[edit]

US maps[edit]

By John Beagles[edit]

By Paul Nadar[edit]

By Gertrude Käsebier[edit]


Simply {{PD-old}}
Rotary {{PD-UK-unknown}}
To be checked