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Using your picture[edit]


I wanted to leave a note that I'm thinking of using your picture of Epcot center outside of Wikipedia. I am a neuroscience graduate student, and I am looking for pictures of famous places to use as stimuli in memory studies.

Thanks, Laura

Epcot Fireworks by Benjamin D. Esham[edit]

As required, I am letting you know that I am using your picture of Epcot Fireworks by Benjamin D. Esham on my blog: dated November 17, 2014. Thank you for sharing.

Diane Brogan

Tarski-Banach paradox picture[edit]

hi, I used this picture in my post on linkedin and in several places to ptromote that post

thank you! W.Bolanowski


I would like to include your picture in our TUM math students fun toilet paper withe the anagram joke of Banach-Tarsky.

Thank you! F. Ackermann


I am using this picture in an undergraduate math talk.

- A. Best


Mr. Esham I'm a student at the Art Institute of Music Media AIMM. As a requirement for one of my classes I must contact an Artist and submit a request to use their stems in a project we're working on for our final grade. Not really sure of what stems truly are I've been researching them all day only to get definitions of a stem, but not an actual picture or notation of what a stem is. It would greatly be appreciated if I could receive stems from you to assist in my project. I've been looking over a list of your songs and Deep Inside Of You jumped out at me. This is an Electronic Music class but whatever you submit is greatly appreciated. My name is Franklin McBryde and my email address is Thanking you in advance. FM

Space mountain picture[edit]

Hello, I'm letting you know that we're using your picture of Disney World's Space Mountain in an article about the ride's 40th anniversary:

Thank you for allowing us to use it!

-Chris Collette Digital Content Manager 17:49, 15 January 2015 (UTC)

Using your map - right and left drive[edit]

Dear Mr. Esham,

I am a quiz master. I am planning to use your map (right and left drive) in my quizzes and in my quiz book.

Thanks, Jayendra Bisnik

Using Image created by you[edit]


Me and my wife would like to thank you for providing such a great image of modes of AES and CBC MAC We are graduate students of Computer sciences specializing in Cryptography. We would like to use this in our theses. We will cite this properly in order to use this.

Thank you again,

Mayur & Suchanda