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Like a sandbox, but a place to store reminders of things I should have done.... notes to self, etc.

In progress

Working on Category:NARA images of Humboldt County, California, have found many, there should be more.

images without source

This is to be used on that whole pile of famous Canadian males of the 18th Century (several hundred images to pick away at) {{ | Description = Various

|Source=The Canadian album : men of Canada; or, Success by example, in religion, patriotism, business, law, medicine, education and agriculture; containing portraits of some of Canada's chief business men, statesmen, farmers, men of the learned professions, and others; also, an authentic sketch of their lives; object lessons for the present generation and examples to posterity. (1891-1896) Publisher:Brantford, Ont. : Bradley, Garretson & Co., 1891-1896


|Author= Cochrane, William, 1831-1898 and Hopkins, J. Castell (John Castell), 1864-1923




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