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Augustus C. French[edit]

Hello Fishal, I've reverted your over-writing of File:Augustus.C.French.jpg. Your image is a different one of the same person, so better is to upload it to a new file (for example, as Augustus.C.French.2.jpg, or whatever name you choose).

Both images are of the same man, obviously at different points in his life, and both are shown in the image gallery on THIS WEB PAGE. That is to say, the image showing him with a beard is as accurate as the image showing him at an earlier age.

As for which image should appear in the wikipedia article, I would think that the one closest to his age when he was governor would be more appropriate, which is likely the bearded image, but I have no strong opinion, so if you think that the earlier image is better, simply alter the article to point to the image that you prefer. Regards, Notuncurious (talk) 23:18, 28 June 2010 (UTC)

Hello Fishal, I've moved the 'bearded image' to File:Augustus.C.French.2.jpg and restored the 'beardless image', so it is now the version used by the various 'pedia's. For future similar situations, simply upload the original to a new file name before over-writing, so that images aren't lost ... and I would agree that the version used by the state is the preferable one (which is not to say that any other ones are 'inaccurate', even if the sourcing leaves something to be desired).
Parenthetically, some time ago I replaced a number of stubs of Illinois governors with short articles (including the one on French), and that is when the image was added. These articles are preliminary and incomplete, so anyone who feels ambitious might expand them further. Regards, Notuncurious (talk) 17:58, 30 June 2010 (UTC)