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Sparta, NJ[edit]

Hi Adam,

I wanted to follow up on this. I took several pictures of the town. Came out very nice this past summer. Is there a way for me to get them to you to have them uploaded?

Thank you again,


Hi Mitch

How are you?? I wanted to contact you because I live in NJ and am a resident of Sparta, NJ. I just moved there about 6 months ago and love it. It's a beautiful and welcoming town in northern, NJ. I'm reaching out because I noticed you posted a picture of the town on it's Wikipedia site.

I was just wondering if it would be possible to upload a nicer photo of the town? I read your site and saw that you love various road ways, and I'm sure that's why the 181 road is posted there, but Sparta is so beautiful especially in the Spring and Fall. The current photo is also taken on a dismal day, with road way construction cones shown as well.

If my wife and I took a photo of the center of town during a beautiful Spring or Fall day, would you be ok with posting that in place of the current picture?

I can't tell you how much me and my town folks would appreciate this =)

Thank you, ---


Thank you so much, Mitch. I really appreciate it. I'll most likely be back in touch during the spring when the trees come back and the weather brightens up =)