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Nuvola apps khelpcenter.png PostScript is taking a wikibreak to stop neglecting his school work, and will be back on Wikipedia once his self-control returns, though some editing may be done from time to time. Talk page messages might not receive a timely response.
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Table of contents


House Rules
Allegedly, any notices left here will reach the ears of PostScript. If that is indeed the case, you'll want your entry to look presentable:
  • Use a new header for each topic.
  • Newest on the bottom.
  • Use colons to indent, never bullets. (hypocrite? what's that supposed to mean?)
  • I'll respond both here and on your talk page!
  • Use correct speling, grammar; and Capitalization.
  • If you complain, be civil and no personal attacks. (that means you, POVing scumbag!)
  • You'll have to dig through the fossil record for older entries. (and hope they aren't extinct.)
  • Happy editing!
Aka the fossil record. (Ooh! Fossilized Homo wikipediens!)