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Hello, Rodhullandemu! I happened to notice your remark on Auntof6’s talk page, to which I wanted to adduce as a counter-example the cats in the Highland branch of the hierarchy, which mostly seem to have the parentheses. But having visited your user page, I now would like to offer to help out—in return for occasional advice. While doing bits of organizing of Scottish topics (mostly heraldry, clans, castles, battles, & such) I‘ve found some aspects of the categorization quite puzzling, and a few times I‘ve backed away from a mess because I wasn’t sure which of several conflicting instances to take for a model, none of them obviously more sensible than the others, for cleaning it up. I also have ongoing projects in cats that are closer to home, but if you have a general to-do list, or schemata to be emulated, I’d poke at it whenever I”m in the mood.—Odysseus1479 (talk) 05:19, 9 September 2014 (UTC)

Hi, Category:Highland (council area) is one that I haven't touched yet, largely because it represents about a year's work to get it into shape and I am undecided as to how it can be split down for ease of management. Some sort of automation would be desirable, perhaps. For the others, the works I have been doing is set out how to do it is here. Cheers. Rodhullandemu (talk) 14:16, 9 September 2014 (UTC)
Thanks. I’ll take regions you’ve marked “done“ as a paradigm.—Odysseus1479 (talk) 00:45, 10 September 2014 (UTC)

Meall a' Chaorainn and so on[edit]

Thank you for fixing the mess I made of this category - I was planning to come back make it a disambig page after I realized it could refer to more than one place. (Which is, as I have learned, more often than not the case with Gaelic toponyms, being often transparently descriptive).

Honestly I got confused after looked at Category:Croick again... one is in in Strath Halladale, and the other is less than a mile from the River Alladale which confused me for a second. It wasn't my intention to step on anyone's toes, and I hope I didn't mess anything up. It's clear I'm quite out of my depth, also having not the Gaelic (or any local knowledge for that matter).

Thank you! –⁠moogsi (talk) 19:29, 16 September 2014 (UTC)

No problem, I usually have a look at the files on a map to decide which is which, and use Scottish Places to work out what the subcategory should be. Unfortunately, that site doesn't have entries for all possibilities, but it at least gives an indication of how much disambiguation is needed. Cheers. Rodhullandemu (talk) 19:57, 16 September 2014 (UTC)