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File:Hot water boilers Colterm.jpg[edit]

Hi, Turbojet.
Can you explain to me the reason of this revert?
That equipment looks like a steam generator to me, not a boiler. Let me know if you have some particular reason or if you just looked to the name of the file. --Daniele Pugliesi (talk) 17:49, 9 June 2014 (UTC)

Thank you for your answer, now it is clear. Well, actually I need to understand better the difference between steam generators and boilers so I can recognize them better the next time. Please suggest me a good book where it is explained if you know it, possibly with some section of the equipment showing all the parts.
I am a Chemical Process Engineer, the only one at the moment in it.wikipedia, so I would be really happy to work with you. I have knowledge in heat transfer theory, heat exchangers design and heat exchangers thermal integration.
I am listing here some ways we could collaborate, let me know which one do you prefer or whether you have any other idea:
  • create a list of all the pages that need to be translated
  • collaborate together for the creation or translation of quality pages (from Romanian to Italian/English and from Italian to Romanian/English)
  • exchange each other suggestions about the way we are improving the pages (e.g.: sources, models, useful links, etc.)
I am also keen to collaborate with you outside Wikipedia: if you like the idea, you can send me an email with your contacts.
--Daniele Pugliesi (talk) 04:13, 11 June 2014 (UTC)