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Tenho mais de 110 anos?[edit]

moved to User talk:Tuga1143#File:Elevador-da-Gloria-em-1915.jpg


I'm puzzled:   (mtKRZtq) vs.   (umtKRZt). Or do you intend to overwrite   (umtKRZt) with blue on top of red as in   (umtKRZtq)? YLSS (talk) 12:19, 13 January 2015 (UTC)

Hi, User:YLSS, and apologies for the delay. The way I see it, in these cases we can ditch the implicit rule that bahn goes always on top of u, as the naming system allows for an exact description:   (mtKRZtq) means that that “main” item of the icon is horizontal (suffix "q") and red (no preffix "u"); thats the opposite of   (umtKRZtq), where “main” item of the icon is still horizontal (suffix "q") but blue (preffix "u"); in this view,   (umtKRZt) should be redrawn (re-stacked) to show the blue over the red, as its main item is vertical (no suffix "q") and blue (preffix "u"). This is especially useful for tunnels, as its semantics is more free than for surface level crossings, where trams yield almost always to heavier rail — as a tram tunnel can be simply deeper than a rail tunnel. Feel free to move this to Talk:BSicon/Renaming (o.s.l.t.) and continue the discussion there. -- Tuválkin 20:16, 16 February 2015 (UTC)
No, no, I understood your logic back then, and pretty much agree with it. I just hope that there won't be any opposition from the adherents of Bilderkatalog. And also my usual complain about duplication/cluttering of revisions instead of renaming... But I'm nagging. YLSS (talk) 23:15, 16 February 2015 (UTC)

Direitos de Autor[edit]

Saudações novamente, eu costumo ir buscar determinados dados a dois websites:

Em nenhum dos dois consigo encontrar se as diversas imagens que apresentam se têm ou não direitos de autor ou que tipo de licença têm. Será que me pode ajudar?

Cumprimentos. Luís Angelo "Tuga1143 17:50, 15 January 2015 (UTC)

Caro User:Tuga1143, se nesses saites não há qualquer indicação sobre direito de cópia, autoria, ou licença, dever-se-á assumir que têm «todos os direitos reservados» — a menos nos casos em que possa argumentar domínio público por antiguidade. -- Tuválkin 20:00, 16 February 2015 (UTC)


with re-naming, if I have indeed made a bad-rename, a direct communication from you would be appreciated, it would help me to understand if there specific editors or issues that I can note, and avoid in future. But to be mentioned and not actually communicated with - specially with a diff - or instance of following the advice or not following - would be appreciated, thanks. sats (talk) 09:46, 30 January 2015 (UTC)

I see the problem - sorry about that - have taken note about that sort of rename request - and will avoid in future - sats (talk) 13:48, 30 January 2015 (UTC)
context at Commons:Administrators' noticeboard/User problems#Removal of filemover right for User:Medium69 for violating Commons:Language policy

JFTR: artefact was no typo[edit]

Check out artefact, it might be a case of en-US vs. en-GB vs. en-oed, I've added the COM:REDCAT template for the bots.:tongue:Be..anyone (talk) 18:51, 1 February 2015 (UTC)

kea + mwl[edit]

Hi, I've created some missing {{User kea}}-[0|1|2|3|N], added them to {{User/Language1}}@k, created the missing Category:User kea-[0|1|2|3|N], and requested an {{editprotected}} on Template:Babel list of languages adding older {{User ain}} and {{User av}} sets while at it.

So far it was simple, and maybe pointless, at the moment you are the only user in the new kea categories. But on your user page you also have {{User mwl-1}}, and apparently that should be {{User ast-1}}, or rather, that's what the link in {{User mwl-1}} suggests. Is that correct, can I simply redirect {{User mwl-1}} to {{User ast-1}}, or is something not as it should be? –Be..anyone (talk) 10:19, 10 February 2015 (UTC)

File:Pelas orelhas! (Simon Lee).jpg[edit]

Commons-emblem-issue.svg File:Pelas orelhas! (Simon Lee).jpg has been listed at Commons:Deletion requests so that the community can discuss whether it should be kept or not. We would appreciate it if you could go to voice your opinion about this at its entry.

If you created this file, please note that the fact that it has been proposed for deletion does not necessarily mean that we do not value your kind contribution. It simply means that one person believes that there is some specific problem with it, such as a copyright issue.
Please remember to respond to and – if appropriate – contradict the arguments supporting deletion. Arguments which focus on the nominator will not affect the result of the nomination. Thank you!

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