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English: The Republic of Bashkortostan or Bashkiria is one of the republics of the Russian Federation.
Башҡортса: Башҡортостан - Рәсәйгә инеүсе республика.
Русский: Башкортостан (Башкирия) - республика в составе России

Cities in Bashkortostan[editar]

Cities with population over 100 thousands[editar]

There are many other smaller cities -- see category:Cities in Bashkortostan

Geography of Bashkortostan[editar]

Mountains (see category:Mountains of Bashkortostan and a beauty of South Urals mountains in category:Beloretsk rayon).

Rivers, lakes and waterfalls (see category:Rivers of Bashkortostan and category:Lakes of Bashkortostan)

Recreational and holiday centers[editar]

Ski centers