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English: The Nguyễn dynasty (Nhà Nguyễn) was the last dynasty of Vietnam. Their rule lasted a total of 143 years. It began in 1802 when Emperor Gia Long ascended the throne after defeating the Tây Sơn dynasty and ended in 1945 when Bảo Đại abdicated the throne and transferred power to the State of Vietnam. During the reign of Gia Long, the nation officially became known as "Việt Nam" (越南), but from the reign of Minh Mạng on the nation was renamed "Đại Nam" (大南). Their rule was marked by the increasing influence of French colonialism; the nation was eventually partitioned into three, Cochinchina (Nam Kỳ) became a French colony while Annam (Trung Kỳ) and Tonkin (Bắc Kỳ) became protectorates which were autonomous in name only.
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imperial dynasty in Vietnam
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과거에 존재했던 행정 구역 (1802년, 1945년)
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Dinastía Nguyễn (es); 大南帝國 (yue); Династия Нгуен (ru); Nguyễn-Dynastie (de); Nguyễn dynasty (en-gb); 阮朝 (zh); Nguyễn Hanedanı (tr); 阮朝 (ja); Династія Нгуєн (uk); 阮朝 (zh-hant); 阮朝 (wuu); 응우옌 왕조 (ko); Nguyễn dynasty (en-ca); Dynastie Nguyễn (cs); Dinastia Nguyễn (it); dynastie Nguyen (fr); Nhà Nguyễn (vi); Ńg Tiâu (nan); 阮朝 (zh-hans); ნგუენები (ka); Nguyen dynasty (en); Nguyễn-dynastia (fi); Dinastia Nguyễn (pt-br); Nguyễn dynasty (sco); Dinasti Nguyen (id); Dynastia Nguyễn (pl); Nguyen-dynastiet (nb); Nguyen-dynastie (nl); Império do Vietnã (pt); ราชวงศ์เหงียน (th); Dinastia Nguyen (ca); Dinasti Nguyễn (ms); Dinastía Nguyễn (gl); أسرة نجوين (ar); Δυναστεία Νγκουιέν (el); ຣາຊະວົງຫວຽນ (lo) imperial dynasty in Vietnam (en); Triều đại quân chủ cuối cùng trong lịch sử Việt Nam (vi); vietnamilainen hallitsijasuku (fi); imperial dynasty in Vietnam (en) dynastie Nguyễn (fr); Nguyễn Dynasty (en)

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