Agostino Carracci's erotic engravings

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English: These engravings below were published in the work titled "L'Arétin d'Augustin Carrache ou Recueil de postures érotiques" (Augustine Carracci's The Aretin or Collection of Erotic Postures) which was printed 1798 in Paris. The artist was Jacques Joseph Coiny[1], who lived from 1761 to 1809.

One theory in relation to what images these etchings are inspired by is that they were inspired by the erotic poses in 'The Loves of the Gods' which was created at the start of the 17th century in Antwerp by Pieter de Jode I.[2] It is uncertain what images these etchings were inspired by. It is thought that Coiny had a set of six anonymous prints and it is difficult to say which prints these were.[3]

Some historians [4] argue that these engravings were in fact done by Camillo Procaccini, though based on Carracci drawings, which in turn are very alike the engravings that Marcantonio Raimondi did after drawings by Giulio Romano.
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